Review: Among Us Duvet Cover Set

(AD Gifted) I have always loved a duvet day: snuggled up on the sofa, watching films and generally not doing much. My eldest loves a duvet day too, but she would rather be gaming than watching films.

At 10 years old I am still very cautious about what games my daughter plays online. She has a few different devices she can play on: a mobile, an iPod touch and a Nintendo Switch,  but she can only download games with permission. Each time she requests a new game I have to check out reviews and see if it’s suitable. I want to make sure the content isn’t going to give her nightmares and that if there are messaging options between players that she isn't at risk from inappropriate contact. 

A tween girl on a sofa with an among us duvet cover playing among us on an ipod touch
Chilled out duvet days are great in cold weather

I think the best way to understand whether a game is suitable or not for your child is to play it yourself. There are some games I play which my daughter asked for where the games themselves were ok, but the adverts at times were inappropriate so I needed to have a conversation with her first. The crossover in interests between my daughter and I though means that most of the games she wants to play I have no interest in and don’t want to waste my time playing so I turn to the internet for a bit of research (Internet Matters and Common Sense Media are useful sites).  Her favourite games at the moment are: Minecraft, Roblox, Gacha Life and Among Us so she was really happy when an Among Us duvet cover appeared on her bed.

What is Among Us and Is The Game Suitable For Tweens?  

If you aren’t familiar with Among Us I would describe it as a computer game version of the murder in the dark game you might have played as a child. Groups of players play in a real-time game where they are either a crewmate or an imposter. The aim is to identify who is an imposter before they sabotage the tasks and kill the crewmates. 

There are two chat options: free-text chat and quick chat. The quick chat is automatically turned on for children under 13 which only allows pre-written messages to be used. 

The characters don’t look human and any violence is cartoon style which takes away any scary element really. The only issue we have had is some people choose inappropriate usernames, but overall I am happy for my 10 year old to be playing it.

close up of playing among us
Among Us is a popular game with tweens and teens

The Among Us Duvet Set Review

The duvet cover (available in single and double) and pillow case are both reversible so you can either have a single image with AMONG US written underneath on a dark sky background or lots of the Among Us characters (called crewmates) in a repeated pattern. Both M and I like this side best because it is bright and fun.

The Among Us duvet set is made from 52% recycled polyester and 48% cotton. It washes well at 30 degrees and can be tumbled dry on a low heat, but as a cover with a lot of dark solid colour take extra care so that it keeps looking great.

The Among Us duvet set by Toikido is available at Argos.

a 10 year old girl laughing on the sofa covered by an Among us duvet cover
The reverse side of the Among Us duvet cover is covered in crewmates

A tween full of attitude hugging a pillow in a messy bedroom

The Among Us single duvet cover being dragged up the stairs by a tween girl
The Among Us duvet cover

(Disclosure: Among Us Duvet Set was gifted for review by DreamTex)

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