Apps that Help your Toddler Ace Matching and Sorting

(Post by another author). Matching and sorting skills for preschoolers are an important precursor for logical thinking and mastering various math and language skills. Children develop these skills by starting with matching the same object to later sorting objects based on several criteria. Practicing these skills can be done by using the world around us, like sorting items found in our kitchen, leaves and flowers in a park or toys in a child’s toy box.  

Software solutions to learn and master these skills are readily available for children too. There is a collection of early learning apps for toddlers by Kids Academy, and we'd like to single out this math app for kindergarten that also has courses on other core subjects of elementary school. Each course consists of chapters and lessons filled with different types of activities, video lessons, interactive worksheets, and assessments. 

For example, in the video called Sorting by Size children learn how to sort elephants, cakes, and teddy bears by size, large and small. The videos are structured to show children examples, and then ask them to think about sorting items on their own. Later in the video, kids will be given a new example to sort, and time to do so. Of course, pausing each video and thinking about sorting the items is encouraged to do as well. 

Sorting and Matching Games | Learn Sorting by Size for Preschool & Kindergarten | Kids Academy

 After watching videos, kids can work on vibrant interactive worksheets for additional practice. These resources help children reinforce content learned in the videos and extend the application of the material by circling, tracing and matching items. 

 Kids Academy exercises

Within the Kids Academy: Talented and Gifted program, children can practice sorting and matching skills through a number of games and assess their knowledge through quizzes. 

 Screen shot of a game for toddler involving pandas

The Kids Academy: Talented & Gifted program is a an educational app geared towards students ages 2-10. The program gained high popularity among teachers, parents, and children over the past several years. The T&G app contains grade-aligned curricula in all the main elementary subjects and more, and has thousands of auto-scored play-and-learn activities. In addition to the efficient educational component, the program stands out with its friendly intuitive interface and bright stylish graphics. Kids not only are engaged from the fun content but they enjoy the rewards program. Throughout using the program, kids earn rewards which they can use to dress up Eddie the Elephant, the app's adorable protagonist, in fun costumes! 

Kids Academy also offer a set of other early learning apps for toddlers, in particular the Raccoon Treehouse has lots of fun games where children will build essential sorting, matching, and classifying skills.

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