The End Of Duvet Wars

Where is the place in your home that brings you the most comfort? The place you want to be when you are tired, ill, sad or just had enough of everything? Everyone needs to have a special calm place and while I have have spent a fair amount of time hiding in the bathroom over the years, the place I love to be most is in bed. 

A dog duvet cover of a spundown king size duvet cover received for review
Bed: My Favourite Place

When we bought our house six years ago there were two things that we invested in because they were important to us: our bed and our sofas. We chose a king size bed because we knew we would end up with a child or two in there at times. “At times” turned out to be a huge underestimate and I sometimes think maybe we should have gone for a bigger bed, but one day when it’s only ever my partner and I in the bed I will appreciate having floor space. 

Having invested in a good quality bed and mattress it was a sensible economy to keep our double duvet and the various covers we had accumulated over the years. Double duvets fits pretty well on a king size bed, but recently my partner has started to bring blankets up to bed with him because he had finally had enough of me stealing all the duvet. I decided it was time: we needed a king size duvet.

Moving from a double duvet to king duvet has been amazing

Why You Need a King Size Duvet

The difference a king size duvet makes when there are two adults in the bed is huge. I can cuddle up in the duvet and it still covers my feet because it is 20cm longer. The extra 25cm width means that if I tuck the duvet around me, there is still enough to cover my partner.  It was a great decision and even if you are in a double bed or there is just one of you I would recommend a king size duvet because of the extra space in length and width. (As a side note this recommendation is based on UK bedding sizes, king size in America, the rest of Europe and Australia are all slightly different and all bigger that the UK version).

A plump soft and washable duvet folded up on a bed
A king size duvet is wider and longer than a double duvet

Spundown Duvet Review from The Fine Bedding Company

Our king size duvet was given to us by The Fine Bedding Company. It is from their Spundown Duvet range and has some great features, my favourite of which is that you can easily wash it at home. Despite the king size being a huge, cozy duvet it compresses down to fit in a 7kg washing machine so it can be washed (our machine is 10kg capacity so plenty of space). The synthetic microfibre filling is specially design to squish down and then plump up again when dry.

I don’t wash my sheets nearly as often as I should and I’m not one for housework for no reason, but I have three children and a cat. I can guarantee that at some point my duvet will need washing, whether it’s from a spilt drink, an accident or someone being sick. Being able to wash it at 60 degrees celsius is great for allergy sufferers too as it will kill dust mites and keep it fresh. The duvet can be washed up to 20 times without losing it’s feel or performance, from experience I know some company's duvets don’t even recover after one wash.

The Spundown duvets come in a a range of tog ratings from 4.5 to 13.5. We have their All Season duvet  which is 2 duvets combined (4.5 and 9 tog) to make a cosy 13.5 tog. The duvets connect together with a press stud in each corner and one in the middle of each side so you don’t need to worry about it getting all messed up inside the duvet cover. 

All Season duvet attach together to make a cozy winter duvet
The All Seasons duvet has two layers which attach together

Another great feature is it comes in a storage bag. This is especially useful with the All Seasons duvet because there is somewhere to store the part of the duvet you aren’t using outside of the winter months.

The Fine Bedding Company have a purpose built factory in Estonia where they have a focus on sustainability. Their duvets have a 19% lower carbon footprint than the industry standard and 90% of waste is recycled. Last year 38% of polyester used in their products came from recycled products.

The Spundown duvet is so cozy and plump I breathe a sigh of happiness when I’m climb into bed at night whether it's to go to sleep or for a cozy night in. My happy place is now even happier.

The Spundown Duvet in a storage bag
Spundown Duvet from The Fine Bedding Company received for review

The storage bag for The Fine Bedding Company duvet 

A home washable duvet is perfect for a family 

***Disclosure the Spundown Duvet from The Fine Bedding Company was received for honest review*** 

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