Review: Organix Advent Calendar for Toddlers

(Gifted) If you have a little one in your family this Christmas they won’t want to miss out on the advent calendar fun, but it’s hard to find one suitable for older babies and toddlers. Most toy calendars are suitable for 3 years and upwards and a chocolate each morning isn’t for everyone. The Organix advent calendar is a great option if want to avoid chocolate or toys.

A red advent calendar with one door open and 2 little hands getting out a green Organix oaty bit packet
An advent calendar that's good for toddlers

Organix Toddler Friendly Advent Calendar Review

What is in the Organix Advent Calendar?

The Organix advent calendar has 24 doors hiding individually wrapped Organix mini Oaty bites and Jammie Monster Biscuits. There are:

8 Organic raspberry and apple mini oaty bites (10g)

8 Organic apple and orange mini oaty bites (10g)

8 Organic jammie monsters biscuits (8g)

All the contents is "vegetarian and vegan friendly".

A toddlers hand holding 3 small packets of Organix biscuits and oaty bite
The Organix calendar has one of three different treats behind each window

a photograph of the ingredients and nutritional information provided on the back of the Organix advent calendar
Ingredients and nutritional information for the Organix advent calendar

close up photo of the front of the organix calendar showing the size of the doors and the Organix logo
They might need help to open the windows, but the insides they will eat all on their own

Excitement Value?

I opened the calendar in the presence of my nearly 3 year old son and he was pretty excited by it. He happily taste tested the bites and biscuits and by his request for more they clearly passed. I have had the oaty bites before, but not the biscuits so I had to try those and they were pretty good for a biscuit aimed at toddlers. 

Each door is the same size and will need to be opened by an adult or older child. The individually wrapped treats are held in place in a plastic tray and once the door is opened they should be able to get them out themselves. There is a simple line drawing on the inside of the door and a matching one behind the clear tray.

The back of the advent calendar has a simple maze game they can play and a finger puppet which can be cut out, but the main excitement will be at the contents.

A little boy holding one of the organix advent calendar treats up
For me!

a toddler holding an empty green Organix oaty bite wrapper in front of his face with his mouth full
The bite size treats in the calendar wont hand around for long

What Age is The Organix Advent Calendar Suitable For?

Organix recommend their advent calendar as suitable for age 18 months and upwards. This is based on the standard advice on types of food children can eat. The oaty bites are considered suitable from 12 months, but the jammie monsters biscuits are suggested for 18 months plus, because they are made from 2 layers of biscuit which is a bit harder to eat. As a parent you will know if you think the food is suitable for your child. Organix recommend children are sitting down and supervised while eating. 

I have found with my daughters that they lost interest in the oaty bars when they got bigger and ate more adult targeted foods. I assumed this was due to being used to higher salt and sugar levels, however my son who has been happily eating Halloween sweets this week didn't have a similar issue and I feel much better about him munching on Organix. I think the perfect age range for the Organix advent calendar is 18 months to 3 years.

The calendar can be bought from Organix, Boots, Tesco or Ocado.

Organix advent calendar front image
The Organix calendar is recommended for age 18 months and upwards


  1. Aww! What a great idea for little one's. I would have happily bought one of these if my girls were younger x

    1. It's great for that age group isn't it? Particularly when they have siblings they don't want to miss out, but I never felt comfortable with the idea of giving my 1 year a chocolate one.


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