7 Key Preparations to Look Gorgeous in a Tulle Bridesmaid Dress

(Collaborative post by another author) Your closet can be "super-casual," but nothing can beat the beauty of a formal look, especially when you are asked to be a bridesmaid to your dearest friend's wedding. Above all, a tulle bridesmaid dress is a perfect graceful option in the formal dressing categories as the dress code will help you form a picture-perfect look that you admire.

And that’s great if you have already picked out a designer tulle dress, but you aren't ready to walk down the aisle yet! The preparation still has a few key steps that you needs to consider as soon as possible. So what are these? This article reveals it all. So take a look. 

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Key Preparations for a Stunning Tulle Bridesmaid Dress

You can easily find bridesmaid dresses under £100, but an off the shelf dress isn't always going to be perfect, early preparation and some consideration can make it better in the long run. 

1. Consider A Short Tulle Dress if You Feel Uncomfortable

Tulle dresses are usually floor-length, but above the knee tulle dresses are also in trend now. Mainly across formal wedding events, girls adopt this modern way to style in a tulle dress that is worth selecting if you are uncomfortable in the lengthy one. This floaty dress, full of ruffles, might feel more comfortable if you go with the shorter one.  

2. Locked Hairs are Much Preferred

For many girls, mainly for the bridesmaid, it becomes a bit hard to assist the bride in a frothy tulle. However, the issue isn't always in the dress, it can be the hairstyle that gets in the way of the overall beauty of your look.  Wearing your hair down can make it hard to get involved in the wedding celebration, but locked hairs, buns, or braided hairs can keep things sorted. Also, a locked hairstyle is always admirable on a formal day like a wedding celebration. 

3. Get the Dress Altered If Too Lengthy 

If you are going for a full length dress make sure the tulle bridesmaid dress isn't too lengthy. Get the dress altered, especially at the front to ensure bridesmaids don't lose their balance when visiting the wedding stage to support and appraise their bridal friend. So make sure you get the dress altered in a way that it still doesn't lose its grace of being a full-length wedding gown for the bridesmaid.  

4. Avoid White or Anything Matching to the Bride 

There’s a big NO-NO for white if you are invited as a bridesmaid. You shouldn't consider wearing white or any colours that are the same as the special girl on this special day. You must avoid anything matching to the bride so make sure to discuss styles and colours in advance.  

5. Be Careful With The Bouquet Toss

Be careful with the bouquet toss, especially when you are in a frothy tulle dress which might get caught up with others. However, there's nothing to feel panic about in a straight tulle dress, but challenges are a bit more with a fluffy one. Ruffles and lots of frills and high heels can make it a bit harder to win that bouquet toss from the bride so if catching the bouquet is important to you, it might be worth removing your heels first.   

6. Shop All Bridesmaid Dress from One Destination 

If the bridesmaid's dress code is fixed and you want to be a helpful best friend of the bride, you will want to ensure there are no problems with the dresses of the other bridesmaid companions so consider shopping from a single store rather than buying from different sites or shopping malls. The color and contrast of tulle-made dresses can vary and if there are strong guidelines available in the wedding invitation for bridesmaids, consider shopping from a single site.  

7. Don't Invest In Cheap Tulle

Try not to invest in a cheap tulle as the fabric may vary. If it is too hard, frills will keep standing apart and won't hang as desired. The material can be sticky or too thin, so the dress is likely to be torn out. So buy from a reliable brand or a particular store supplying formal wedding dresses. 

So consider these things and give a green stamp to your ultimate preparation for the wedding day with OmbreProm. Nothing can be more beautiful than a Tulle dress itself for a bridesmaid, as these fairy-like dresses look fantastic on every girl. But these few things – if ignored – can make things worse, so make sure you consider these first. 

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