4 Tyre Care Tips For Winter For Safe Family Travel

Christmas is just around the corner and with the onset of winter, we need to make sure we are all set up to enjoy the chilly weather. If your wheels start acting up, this can pose a threat to your own road safety and also the people around you. At all times, you should make sure that your car tyres are prepared to roll on snowy, wet and slippery roads of Yorkshire. Traveling with kids requires special care and you can’t neglect the health of your tyres. Luckily, there are a few simple tips you can use before heading for a drive during the winter season. Below are some of the easiest yet effective tips for protecting your car and tyres in winters:

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Keep Tyres Clean 

A key thing to note is that during winter, materials such as snow, dirt and mud can get accumulated on tyres which can cause the tyre performance to suffer. Clean and well maintained tyres will help your car run smoothly and efficiently on a rigid snowy road. 

Hence it is recommended to clean your  tyres twice in a month especially if you have recently taken the vehicle in snow. Your first priority should be to clean and hose them properly so that mud accumulated on the tyre is cleared off. 

Check Tread Depth 

You should know that during winter, there may be times when roads are covered in snow and this can cause the tyres to take more force while rolling on the road. Having tyres with strong tread depth will make the tyre grip stronger. Tread depth makes sure that the outer layer of the tyre is protected from external damage like sharp materials such as shattered glass and stones on the road. If you want to know whether the tread of your tyres is up to minimum required level, you can measure it by the rim of a twenty pence coin. This check will not only help make your tyres stronger but also you will be able to drive more efficiently during the winter season on slippery and icy roads. It is never a wise idea to continue to drive on compromised tyres. So if you are looking to buy tyres in Wakefield consult Ossett Tyre House.

Check Tyre Pressures 

It's no fun if you get stranded on a cold winter night in the middle of an icy road. This can occur especially when your tyres are not properly monitored for pressure levels. As more force is required for tyres to roll efficiently on wet roads, the pressure level in them deteriorates. Hence it is very important to regularly gauge the air pressure in your tyres especially before you have to travel on a longer route. This will help save you from unexpected tyre punctures and you will be able to achieve a smoother drive.

Driving Style 

It is recommended that during this time of the year it is always better to reduce your speed while driving because the roads are often wet or icy. The key is to drive in a slow and steady manner, this will help you be more in control of your car, especially when you have to react quickly during emergency situations. Further, if you use a higher gear while driving your car on icy roads there will be less chances of unexpected wheel spin, try pulling off in second gear if the road is very icy. You should also use your brakes gently so that you do not face any skidding or unexpected loss of control. 

If you put into practice the above winter tyre check list you will face less chances of your car skidding and losing control of your car during winter resulting in a safer and more efficient drive. 

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