SKINKISSED Honest review - Does It Work?

I was sent some SKINKISSED products to try and asked to share the results on Instagram. After a week there wasn’t a noticeable difference, I'm committed though so I said I would share the results after a month of using only the SKINKISSED products. There is only so much detail I can share on an Instagram story so after using the SKINKISSED products for 6 weeks I thought I would share a full and honest review on here about how I found the SKINKISSED products. They aren't expecting this post so I'm under no obligation to say nice things. Here is what I found good and bad about these products.

A box from SKINKISSED showing the boxes of the cleanser, cream and serum
I reviewed these SKINKISSED Face Cleanser, Serum and Cream, but did they live up to the hype?

I'll start my saying I have seen big claims about what the SKINKISSED products can do and they don't all seem believable. Being "in the industry" I know how easy it is to get endorsements without a product actually working so it was great to have a chance to try these out for myself. I will never say something works when it doesn't or over inflate claims. As part of the review I was given a 10% discount code and affiliate link so if you do want to give them a try, I would love it if you used my link, however I recommend you read all of this post first to see if you think SKINKISSED products are worth the money for you.

Some of the claims on their website seem vague, far fetched or confusing like “SKINKISSED is a formulation. Completely natural, designed to improve your skin”. I have not checked any of the claims they make for accuracy, I'm far more interested in how they work for me. 

My Honest SKINKISSED Review

What are the SKINKISSED products?

SKINKISSED have a growing range of products including toilet roll, vitamins and eye patches, but the products I received were the: Face Cleanser, Face Cream and Face Serum. They claim their products are made in the UK, that they are vegan and cruelty free. The serum bottle and base of the moisturiser is glass and the rest is plastic. 

SKINKISSED claim their products help with everything from dry skin and dullness to spots, wrinkles, fine lines and scarring.

The SKINKISSED cleanser contains Aloe Vera extract and says it gives skin elasticity, helps it retain natural moisture and that it soothes and cleans skin.

The SKINKISSED Face Cream is a moisturiser which says it contain “aloe vera extract and nutrients from the uncontaminated deep sea”. Claims include: it can repair and protect skin tone, improve dullness, hydrate and brighten skin

The Face Serum contains Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. It is meant to help hormonal spots, inflamed skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and to strengthen and repair sensitive and mature skin.

SKINKISSED Face cleanser and face wash tube
You use the SKINKISSED Face Cleanser with water to clean your face

SKINKISSED Vitamin C face serum review showing the open bottle
After drying your face apply a few drops of the SKINKISSED face serum

A nearly empty jar of skinkissed face cream moisturiser after reviewing it for 6 weeks
Finish up with the moisturiser (SKINKISSED Face Cream)

How did I find SKINKISSED?

I’m 39, I have reasonable skin for my age but plenty of fine lines, large pores and regular spots thanks to my hormones. The spots tend to mostly hangout on my chin, but occasionally appear in other places too.

The Face Cleanser works well for me, it cleans my face without irritating it like some face cleansers do. My face felt clean afterwards and not dried out. It removed my eye make up while I was washing my face without stinging my eyes, although it isn’t suggested that it should be used to remove eye makeup.  I only need to use a small amount each time which makes the cleanser last quite a long time.

The Face Serum goes on and is quickly absorbed without being oily. I need to use more that “2 to 3 drops” to cover all my face and neck, but the bottle has still lasted me over a month. I can’t say that my face feels particularly different immediately after using it.

The moisturiser is fairly light and I find that I have to use quite a lot of it to prevent my face from feeling dry later in the day. I think it would work well if you have oily skin, but if your skin is dry or combination you might get through it quite quickly. (Edit: I have tried the moisturiser again after buying it as part of a bundle offer and found it much better, I'm guessing I used more of it than the first time round, but I haven't felt any dryness).


After a month I can’t see any noticeable different to my fine lines, pores, pigmentation etc. However there is a big improvement to my spots, it's just a shame I wasn't at my spotty time of the month when I started using it for a before/ after picture. The blocked pores around my nose cleared and although I have had the occasional red spot they have gone far quicker than normal, in fact even when I have felt a patch of skin starting to get raised and swollen I have given it a clean and applied the serum and it hasn’t turned into a spot. Early spots only normally appear if I skip one of my morning sessions. 

I am absolutely convinced it is the SKINKISSED products that has prevented the spots and made them clear up quickly, however I am unsure if it is the cleanser, the serum or a combination of all 3 products I used that is making the difference.  I have nearly finished the moisturiser, but still have a good amount of the serum and cleanser left so I will be switching back to my normal favourite moisturiser soon and seeing if the serum and cleanser alone make a big difference.

On the downside I noticed more blackheads on my chin than normal (not spots, but small blocked pores with black inside). I also felt that some of my wrinkles are more obvious now, I think it is because my skin isn’t being so well moisturised and feels a bit tighter so when I get lines around my eyes from smiling etc they are more obvious. 

I will be buying the cleanser and serum when these run out. I will use the cleanser all over my face and concentrate the serum on my t-zone. It has been nice not to worry about spots for a change.

Before and after photos from using SKINKISSED showing little difference
SKINKISSED before and after photos, no noticeable difference in photos, but it did make a difference

Is SKINKISSED worth buying?

If you have spots then I recommend trying SKINKISSED, even if you have found twice daily cleansing products too hard on your skin in the past. You might not get overnight results, but after a couple of weeks I would expect you to notice an improvement. My caveat to that is if you have dry skin you might want to give the moisturiser a miss and use something more intensive.  I will feedback soon on whether the cleanser and serum alone do the job for me.

Here are the website claims and what I found after using the products for SKINKISSED for 6 weeks. This is purely based on my experience and other people might have better or worse results. 

Claim: Has helped many customers with wrinkles & fine lines.
I found: My skin feels tighter and although this might make lines less visible on a resting face, I think they are actually more obvious than previously when I smile etc. To me this feels like my skin is less moisturised, but they say on the website it make skin tighter so it seems intentional.

Claim: Has helped many customers with hormonal spots & inflamed skin.
I found: It definitely prevents my hormonal spots and clears my inflamed skin faster.

Claim: Has helped many customers with dry skin, breakouts & blackheads. 
I found: my skin doesn't look dry, but the tightness feels like dryness to me. It isn't flaking or anything though so maybe it's not dryness. It has prevented breakouts and I'm not sure about blackheads.

Claim: Has helped many customers with acne scarring, pigmentation, eczema & blisters.
I found: I haven't seen a noticeable difference to any scars or any long term marks on my face. I haven't used it on eczema or blisters.

Claim: Has helped many customers with stretch marks, scalds, surgical & hyperplasia scars.
I haven't tried it on any of these.

SKINKISSED say that  20% of every purchase is donated to charities who provide help and care to children with mental disabilities. I have been unable to find any information on charities which have received donations from them though.

I have an affiliate link and a discount code, although on the website there always appears to be a wheel you can spin to get a discount anyway and I’m not sure if you can double up the discounts. It’s worth a trying using my code: "COUNTINGTOTEN" though.

If you have found this useful and you want to give SKINKISSED  a try I would really appreciate if you could buy via my affiliate link so I get a small commission from your purchase.

You can buy the products via their website or on Amazon. With the offers available (and at a minimum with my 10% discount code) their website looks cheaper, but it's worth checking both for the best value, especially if you need to pay postage.

Update 22nd April 2022: 
Every time I skip a few sessions of using SKINKISSED I start to develop spots again and it can take up to a month for them to clear so I have realised I have to be really good and clean my face morning and evening everyday. I mostly use a different brands moisturiser, but I bought more cleanser and serum and have been using those. Long term the only negative I have noticed is that I have a few more blocked pores on my problem area (my chin), but these don't develop into spots. As they aren't noticeable unless someone is looking up close I will take a few blocked pores over a load of red spots any day. 

***Disclosure: I received 3 SKINKISSED products for review on Instagram. I wanted to write this post to share my full experience***

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