Christmas Gifts That You Can Hint Very Loudly to the Kids About

(Collaborative post by another author) Any mother, or wife, will know that sometimes the family needs help when it comes to gifts. The kids are so busy asking Santa for the moon with a bow on it, that they forget Mummy needs a little tender loving care too. And if they don’t get help you could end up with a pot for Christmas, since you had used the old one so much. 

A christmas tree with presents underneath it and a green background

So, there is nothing wrong with laying hints here and there. If the eldest isn’t smart enough to get it, hopefully the hubby might. 

Take a look at our list of gifts for Christmas that you deserve, thank you very much. And if all else fails, buy them yourself.

A Weekend With The Girls

Isn’t there a place too fancy for you to go with the family? You have got a conjured image of it right now, probably. Or maybe fancy isn’t your style, but you’re not about to take the kids somewhere that’s known for their bottomless brunch cocktails. 

Or maybe it’s not a dining experience you’re into. Maybe you like the idea of going to try that activity with the girls. The new mini-golf course just opened up, there’s a 90’s night at your favourite club, or you want to try a night of tango dancing at the local dance hall. 

This can be an inexpensive gift, which is perfect for kids with limited pocket money to share, and it can be easy to hint at. Show off your brand-new calendar, that already has a weekend in it for “something”. You don’t know what, but you heard that Sandra is free that weekend too. What a coincidence! Just need to fill it with something. And should Daddy be busy, leave a babysitting number pinned to the calendar. Done.

This one allows you to keep all the control. If the kids don’t take the hint, well isn’t it a coincidence that you’ve bought them and their daddy a day out together. Now you’ve got the weekend free for…

A Spa Getaway

Again, hints can be left here. A leaflet by the TV, a post on social media saying, “I’d love to get a massage”, etc. You need some relaxation and rejuvenation, and you definitely deserve it.

If the little ones can’t afford that 5-star spa experience, they can still create it for you. Check out these candles from Diptyque which you can light around a steaming hot bath with a bath bomb. Get the bubbles going, play the tunes, grab a glass of wine, and sink into heaven. 

But the most important part is to stick a sign to the door that says, “Do not disturb” and the kid’s gift to you that they will only violate that rule if the house is alight.

A Break From The Cleaning

We’ve all given someone the stink eye as they approach with hesitation, seeing the last dish you are currently washing, with a glass in hand. It always seems like the second you’re done, more suddenly appears again. 

If your wish is to simply not deal with it for once, or to have someone else deal with it, perhaps ask for a week off doing the chores around the house. I bet the kids will soon agree you need a break when they see just how much there is

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