Review: Cheeky Monster Cuddly Toys

(Gifted) If you are looking to buy a gift for a cheeky little monster, then how about an actual Cheeky Monster? Cheeky Monsters are a range of cuddly plush toys and books which celebrate individuality as well as the cheekier sides of a little one's personality.  

A preschooler boy playing with a green dragon like cuddly toy
Playing with Drago

Who are the Cheeky Monsters?

Created by Anna and inspired by her daughter Flori the Cheeky Monster characters are all very different, but what they share is that they are friendly, curious and get up to mischief, oh and they are invisible to grown ups too. The plushies aren’t invisible which is just as well given my son’s reaction when he couldn’t find his the other day.

A preschooler throwing a cuddly a toy around while holding it in his teeth
The question is...

a boy pulling at the glasses on a dragon cuddly toy
which one is cheekier?

A young boy cuddling a plush animal toy
My son or the Cheeky Monster?

There is Drago who is green and I think is the cutest. She is clever and optimistic and loves to learn new things. Spike is the orange one, he’s a bit of a daydreamer and can be shy, but he is also an explorer that loves to make new discoveries and look after the planet. Glitter is light blue with sparkles, he loves fashion and being creative. Purple Violet is a confident performer who enjoys music and dancing, but hates grumpy monsters. Rocky is blue and he is the most mischievous of the Cheeky Monsters. He likes sports, racing and playing practical jokes.

They are friends with a little girl called Frankie who features in the picture books. Each book tells of a different adventure and helps you learn more about the monster's personality.

A mum reading a Cheeky Monster book with her son and a cuddly dragon monster with glasses
There is a book featuring each of the Cheeky Monsters

The Cheeky Monsters value inclusivity and uniqueness, plus just like Spike who cares for the environment the company try and do their bit by using plastic free packaging.  

You can find out more about the Cheeky Monsters by checking out their website  or YouTube channel

Last order date for delivery before Christmas is 20th December, but a Cheeky Monster isn’t just for Christmas…

A yellow glasses wearing monster plush next to a book about Drago
You can buy the plush with or without the book on My Cheeky Monsters website

Disclosure: plush and toy gifted without obligation to post.

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