Fun And Creative Things You Can Do With Family Photos

(Collaborative post by another author) Family photos can be a wonderful thing in your life. They remind you of what truly matters and let your loved ones know that you love them too.  

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Sharing these moments in life is a special thing. However, not every way of swapping photos is good for the mind and soul. For example, social media websites like Instagram often come under fire for harming young people's mental health, making people feel inferior to one another. 

Fortunately, there are more positive ways to get fun and creative with your family photos. We've listed some of them for you. 

Make a Scrapbook

In recent years, some have expressed genuine concern that today's youth may grow up without photo albums to reminisce through in their later years. Though people may share photographs on Instagram or Facebook pages, there's no real guarantee the site will continue to be popular and running decades into the future. 

Therefore, creating something tangible for your family photos will ensure that it will be a keepsake forever. A scrapbook can work marvellously well here. What you put together can exude boundless creative energy but also have a charming 'informality' to how you've pieced it all together. Albums can be nice and formal, but a scrapbook has a more whimsical element. 

Of course, because your scrapbook can theoretically last forever, it can be something you pass down through the generations of your family. Pouring through it can also be a bonding activity, recalling shared memories with loved ones or introducing younger family members to older aspects of your life.  

Create a Themed Family Wall

Many people hang important family photos on the wall. However, it's often done at random without any real thoughts around the organisation of things. 

Dedicating a wall to a theme in your family's life might be a good idea. For example, you could reserve wall space for holiday photos, theme park trips, or fishing adventures. You can decorate around each feature, too. If you're celebrating your child's sporting success, you can prop up some of their equipment nearby, for example.  

Create a stylish space by using made to measure picture frames from Picture Frames Direct. At an affordable price, numerous materials, colours, and styles are on offer here that will fit with any theme and aesthetic you're going for. Each offering is available in different sizes, enabling you to splice together different types of family photos in one organised blend. They also have all the accessories you need to help you hang your frames efficiently. 

Use an Artist's Impression

Send your family photos off to an artist, and let them add a sketched, painted, or graphically designed twist. Search for an artist online or give a talented friend a commission! 

If you're an artist yourself, putting your own mark on things here could be worthwhile. That way, you're imbuing each family photo with more of your own personality. Create an accurate reworking of the original image or create an abstract or impressionist piece – it's all up to you!

Gift these creations to the other family members who feature and be satisfied as your work is proudly displayed in other people's homes. Don't forget to include some nice looking frames to cap things off perfectly!

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