Choosing A Bean Bag For My Children

AD As I start to accept that the baby days are behind us I am beginning to look at our house with fresh eyes. I want our home to reflect the changing needs of us all as a family as the children play with less toys and they want their own space. I am slowly working through each room and clearing out items we no longer use. 

A photograph of a load of polystyrene ball bean bag fillings

Earlier this year my son was still sleeping in our room, but now we prefers his own bed so I’m making our bedroom an oasis of calm for my partner and I. It is one space in the house that my children won’t make a mess and where I can have nice things without them being moved, borrowed or broken. I have taken big piles of stuff to the charity shop and I have a few boxes of items to sell when I can get motivated.

It’s not just our room that is getting a clear out. The baby items like stair-gates are no longer needed so I’m clearing those out too and I’m trying to sneak the baby toys out of the house, but why do children want to play with a toy they have shown no interest in for years as soon as you try and get rid of it?  My eldest generally wants to spend her time gaming or reading rather than playing with toys and the other two have more toys than they need so I am reclaiming the space and using it for things that suit us as a family with older children. Like somewhere to read, game and (regrettably) watch YouTube.

With five of us and two sofas so we need more space for lounging around. My younger two keep pulling my sofa cushions on to the floor to relax on which drives me mad so I have been looking at buying bean bags for a while. My only problem is trying to decide what type to go for.

Choosing The Right Type Of Bean Bags For My Children

The Classic Bean Bag

When I think of a bean bag I think of something resembling a round sack filled with polystyrene balls, but there are a huge range of shapes, styles and even fillings. Big Bertha Original sell the classic round style in a child size version right through to a 5000L XXXXXL Titanic size that you could fit several adults on. What’s they bet my children still wouldn’t share? If I’m buying three I’m going to have to think smaller.

A purple indoor, outdoor bean bag that wipes clean, image used with permission from Big Bertha Original
SmartCanvas™ Children's Cocoon Style Bean Bag

Bean Bag Chairs

Another option would be something with more structure like the Bubble kids’ armchair bean bag. There are also bean bag sofas!  The covers looks so cozy, but there are also styles with waterproof covers that could be used inside or in the garden, plus it could be wiped clean easily if sticky hands get near it.  

A children's 2 seater bean bag sofa, photo used with permission from Big Bertha
Children's Albert Sofa Bean Bag

Highback Bean Bag

I think I’m going to go for the Highback Bean Bag. It is a more versatile shape than the chairs, but it has more back support so you can relax your whole body into it more easily than the classic style. And of course I’m going to have to go for an adult size, because I can’t let my children have all the fun. This style is still a little structured so it is more compact than some other designs and you can choose to get a matching footstool. Did I say I was buying one for my children? I’ve definitely changed my mind!

a comfortable bean bag and matching foot rest, image used with permission from Big Bertha
Highback bean bag

Please note bean bags are not suitable for children under 12 months and children under 3 should use them with supervision. My children are aged between 3 and 10 so I am looking at products suitable for their age group.

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