How To Choose The Right Sports Bra for Running

AD Whether you are just about to start a couch to 5K plan for the first time or you have been running for ages, you will probably need a good high impact sports bra. The right sports bra can make a huge difference. Not only do you need the fit to be comfortable so it doesn’t rub, but you need to it to be supportive to prevent back and breast pain. So what should you look for in a bra for running and how good are the Yvette High Impact Sports Bras?

A flat lay with 2 sports bras one is grey and one is a dark red
How do you choose the right sports bra for you?

How to Choose A Good Running Bra


If your weight tends to fluctuate then having a sports bra that is adjustable will ensure that you get longevity from it. Ideally you want to be able to adjust the chest band and straps by an inch or two.

How Easily You Can Put It On

A lot of high impact sports bras have a racer style back for comfort which means you tend to have to put them on over your head and then reach round and do up the hooks, this can be pretty difficult to do. Not all sports bras are designed the same though, for instance the Limitless by Yvette has a zip at the front so you put it on in a similar way to a jacket then secure it at the front. 

Do You Want Padding?

Personally I prefer my sports bras padded, because when I am running it provides added protection against rubbing and support. 

Supportive and comfortable clothes make a big difference when running


Whether you show your bra off to the world while you run or not, having underwear that looks great will always be a bonus. Many running vests are thin or cut so you can see some of the bra so an attractive bra will mean you are happy for flashes of it to be visible.


The bigger your boobs the more coverage you will need from a sports bra to ensure everything stays where it is meant to be.

the back of the limitless and power cross high impact sports bras
Sports bras come in a huge number of styles


To ensure your bra stays supportive in the long term you need to make sure the material and straps are strong enough and wider than normal bra straps for strength and to distribute the weight.


The choices in the shops tend to be pretty limited, but you will find a much better range on line. If you are buying in the shops you can obviously try a range of sizes on to find the best fit, but don’t be put off from buying online. Most brands will have size charts so you can measure yourself and work out which size will fit best. If you are in-between sizes then look at how adjustable the design is. For running you will probably be more comfortable in a bra where the cup size is slightly too small because you will get more support than if it is too big, but work out what is best based on your body shape and preferences. 

standing on one long stretching shin muscles and trying to fall over

Yvette High Impact Running Bras Review

Yvette have a wide range of sports bras and exercise clothes in lots of gorgeous colours. I chose two of their high impact bras to try. 

The Limitless Adjustable Padded Running Bra Review 

The Limitless Adjustable is a really well designed running bra. It is really adaptive to your body shape because both the chest band and shoulder straps can be tightened by several inches. I love that it has a zip at the front which makes it really easy to get on and off. A small piece of fabric covers the top of the zip when closed which prevents it from accidentally coming undone or catching on anything. The Limitless Running Bra has great coverage and is very supportive when running. 

back view of the Limitless Adjustable Running Bra in burgundy (size Large)
The Limitless Adjustable Running Bra in burgundy (size Large)

The front zip opening on the limitless adjustable high impact sports bra
The limitless running bra is front opening which makes it easy to get on and off

The Power Cross Back Padded Running Bra Review  

I absolutely love the back of this bra. It has a supportive racer back and the criss cross straps look super stylish. I received both bras in the same size, but the chest band is a little looser on this one. It has a wide, supportive chest band which secures closed with three hook and eyes and can be adjusted by just over an inch. There is an adjustable version of the Power Cross bra where you can adjust the should straps too. Both bras are a nice soft material on the outside and really comfortable to wear.

The power cross running bra in dark grey and Shift High-Waisted Air-Holes Running Leggings in Maroon Red
A supportive and comfortable base layer

The criss cross back of the Power Cross Back Padded Running Bra in Dark Grey size large
The criss cross back straps of the Power Cross running bra

And of course once you have got the base layer right you need to finish off with the right running clothes. I chose the Sculpt Running Tank in black, grey and pink. They come in a 3 pack and are perfect for me because I love to have my arms uncovered when running, but I also want something loose over my tummy so I don’t feel self conscious. I have teamed this with the Shift High-Waisted Air-Holes Running Leggings in Maroon Red. They are really supportive and stay up well when running. Check the length though if you are tall and want full length trousers.

Stretching wearing The Yvette Shift High-Waisted Air-Holes Running Leggings and Grey Sculpt Running Top
The Yvette Shift High-Waisted Air-Holes Running Leggings and Grey Sculpt Running Top

Air hole detailing on running leggings
Air hole detailing
The Sculpt Running Tanks come in packs of 3, I chose black, grey and pink.

*Products featured received from Yvette for honest review purposes*

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