How to Secure Your Home When You Are Away This Summer

Collaborative post written by another author. Some people get so excited about going on a summer holiday that they forget to ensure their homes are safe before they leave. Your home is most vulnerable when you are away because most burglars are opportunistic and only break into homes if there is an opportunity and a very low chance of getting caught. To remove the opportunity and give yourself peace of mind while you are away, here is some info that can help keep your home safe.

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Let a Neighbour Know You Will Be Gone for a While

One of the first things you should do as you plan your holiday is let a trusted neighbour know that you will be gone for a while and for how long you will be gone. This is so they can keep an eye on your home and call the police if they notice something unusual or someone trying to break in.

Prepare Your Doors and Windows

You should always have secure doors and windows in your home, but this is especially important when leaving for a holiday. Get in touch with a contractor to come to check out your doors and windows so they can tell you if they are secure enough. If they are not, you should have them switched out for secure options as soon as possible.

Before you leave, you should check that all windows and doors are closed. Up to a quarter of all burglars enter a home through an unsecured door or window that has been left unlocked. Your windows and doors are an important part of your home’s security system and so you should check that you have locked all of them before you leave.

Get a Smart Security System

Most homes have some sort of security system, and if yours does, you might wonder why you need a smart security system. Traditional systems have vulnerabilities, with some of them failing if the power is cut or made useless if their data cables are cut. Modern smart security systems have power backups, so they continue recording even when the power is cut - you can find out more info online. They also use secure wireless connections that are much harder to interfere with than physical data connections.

There are lots of items that are covered under smart home security devices. These range from cameras, to alarms, motion sensors and other types of sensors. The higher the budget you have, the better the system and items you can get.

At the very minimum, ensure you get cameras and sensors for all your doors and windows. This way, the system will notify you if someone is walking around or inside the property or if they break any of the doors or windows.

Get Home Insurance

Home insurance will not stop from someone breaking into, vandalising, or stealing from your home, but it will help you a great deal if any of these happen while you're away. In the UK, home insurance is divided into the actual building insurance which covers the physical building and structure, and contents insurance which covers belongings you can carry if you move out of the home.

Building insurance covers almost any damage affecting the structure and key parts of the property, but it does not cover accidental damage or damage caused during repairs, maintenance or remodelling. You can also get additional coverage for accidental damage or everything else not covered by your policy.

To get the best home insurance, one that gives you adequate cover at the best price, start by doing comparisons online. As you compare home insurance, be sure to check what is covered, the terms, and the cost of the insurance. When you compare home insurance, also check whether the premium includes accidental damages and personal liability which some companies include as a package.

Postpone Mail and Newspaper Deliveries

If you are planning on leaving for more than a week, you should suspend all mail and newspaper delivery services. Mail and newspaper piling up in front of your door is a beacon that tells everyone that you are not home and have not been for a few days. This increases the chance that an opportunistic burglar will start looking around. Fortunately, you have services like Keepsafe from Royal Mail that can hold your mail if you are away for a few days and give it to you once you are home.

Leave the Lights on

Another sign that you are not home is lights that are off while the rest of the neighbourhood has lights on. Leave both the indoor and outdoor lights on a timer so that they come on in the evening to save on power. Doing so will deter burglars and light up the area so any burglars will be seen if they attempt to break in.

Summer is always a dangerous time for homeowners who leave their homes for a holiday. Burglars know some people will not be home and so are usually on the prowl. Protect your home from burglary and yourself from financial distress by using the tips above to secure your home.

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