Where To Stay In Austin: Best Areas And Neighbourhoods

Collaborative post written by another author. Whether you are travelling on business, moving permanently, or just visiting for a convention, Austin is the crossroads of Texas. It has commerce and tech right alongside small businesses and family homes. That means making a choice of where to stay can mean a lot.

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Do you want to walk outside to be greeted by a bustling avenue? A cozy street corner? Do you want a hotel or an Air BnB? Do you prefer to drive, or do you need something walkable?

It can be an overwhelming number of questions. But thankfully, these questions have answers. 

We will break down the best places to stay in Austin into three categories: The first is actual hotels, for people who are visiting family or on formal business. The second is AirBnBs. These are more geared towards people passing through or there for less audacious work. And the last is which neighbourhoods are the best to live in. This category pulls double duty, as the best places to live are also the best places to visit if you are just passing through.

Which Hotels to Stay In

The most obvious answer for which hotel is the best is the Four Seasons Hotel. Put simply, it is almost a small town in its own right. It is pet-friendly and has tons of amenities, from an outdoor pool and running track, to yoga and a computer room for private business.

But the Four Seasons is meant as a self-contained hotel. As any beleaguered husband on vacation knows, most people do not stay confined to their hotels for a whole trip.

If you want something more accessible to the city itself, then try the Heywood. It is a hotel with quick access to the downtown area both on foot and on roads. It has its own parking while having plenty of amenities of its own to make your stay pleasant.

Which Areas Have the Best Air BnBs

Naturally, it all depends on what you are looking for out of the city. While most of Texas is designed around highly traditional values, Austin is considered an Oasis of nightlife. If you are there for that, then there are two streets you will want to connect to: 6th and Rainey streets.

These are the arteries that connect right to downtown: The heart of the city, full of places to shop, bars and restaurants, and nightclubs to party at. 

The second most common reason people travel to Austin is its conventions and art scene. If you want to connect to that, you will want to stay anywhere in East Austin. The galleries and convention locations are not as centralised into a district as the party scene tends to be.

However, all of East Austin is highly walkable. Wide sidewalks, cool shade provided by pleasant plant life, it all comes together to make the region feel far more accessible than the same square mileage would feel in almost any other city in Texas. 

If you are visiting with family, then the easiest choice for where to stay would be Zilker. Being just as easily traversed as East Austin, Zilker has a heavy focus on parks and recreation. That makes it a great place for parents to take their kids, while also providing a clean environment.

Where to Settle Down in Austin

So, you came to visit and decided to stay. Or maybe you are moving for work. Or maybe out of necessity. The possibilities are endless, but the city is not. Luckily, Austin is unique among American cities. It is exceptionally modern, clean, and safe. 

That being said, settling down requires more than that. There are two kinds of settling down: Settling down by renting a property and settling down by buying one. 

Best Areas to Rent

If you are wanting somewhere cheap, then East Austin will give you the best deals on an apartment. As mentioned before, it also gives you access to tons of work opportunities in the art community. And to top it off, you do not need to burden yourself as much with transportation.

As you get further away from the central east side, property prices get more expensive. Downtown and 6th street are where most people end up living. East Austin is pretty uniformly cheap, but there is a variety of prices in these other areas.

Best Areas to Buy

But should your goal be a home, then you will probably want to try Enfield or Hyde Park instead. These are the safest neighbourhoods in the city. They make no promises about affordability, but they all have highly rated school districts and good public transportation.

They are further from the downtown area than some people might like, so keep that in mind. You will either need a car or knowledge and availability to public transportation in order to make use of the downtown area from these neighbourhoods.

If you want to be slightly closer to the core of the city, try Rollingwood. It is worth noting that there is no part of Austin that is unsafe by the standards of many other American cities. You should be careful at night as you normally would, but crime is at an all-time low in Austin.

Who is Austin For?

This is a question that many people ask themselves before moving to the city. Is it for artists, as we mentioned before? Does the presence of a nightlife slant it towards young people? Or are all these wholesome neighbourhoods the domain of families? The answer is all of the above. 

Austin is a big place and contains multitudes. The artists, the young people, and the families can all coexist without getting in each other’s way as a result.


Anyone who has an interest in real estate might have gone over this and thought to themselves, “It sounds like Austin’s market is ripe for expansion.” And you would be right. Austin has seen tons of growth, as its safety, amenities, and businesses have helped it retain people.

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