How To Be Nice To Other Bloggers

Let’s face it, in life you can choose to be a nice person or you can be mean, but being nice will probably make you happier. When it comes to the blogging community, particularly parent bloggers there can be a huge amount of support for each other, but it can be pretty cut throat too. I always find that the nicer I am to other bloggers the more I get back. Kindness breeds kindness as it were, and even when it doesn't it just makes me happy to know I am helping others so I thought I would pull together a few ways we can all help each other.

Ideas To Support Fellow Bloggers

When you see someone has put up a new Instagram pic, particularly if it was in the last half hour, leave a genuine comment. This is a great way to give their post a boost and to encourage Instagram to show it to more people.

Anytime you see Ad, #ad or a variation of advert in a post take extra time to appreciate it: click that link, read the post, make comments, share. Do whatever is appropriate. You are reading their blog post or looking at their social media so there is a good chance their sponsored posts will be of interest to you. Showing your support and help evidence to brands that the posts are getting seen by the right people. More and more people are buying products after blogger recommendations because influencer marketing really works. If the area is going to continue to grow there needs to be evidence it works, I even bought several bottles of Zoflora last week!

If you are emailed an opportunity which isn’t for you ask the brand if they would like suggestions of other bloggers and if they say yes put names forward. Don’t pass the PR’s details on (even before GDPR this was a no-no) but introducing great and relevant bloggers to the PR can benefit everyone.

Be honest. If you get a referral fee mention it. If a piece of work was a collaboration say so. If it’s an affiliate link make it clear. Even after you ignore laws and official guidelines it’s just rude to try and pull the wool over someone’s eyes.

If you are buying a product or service after a suggestion by another blogger check back to see if they have an affiliate code. It won’t cost you anymore but it’s a nice bonus for the Blogger. Affiliate links should be clearly identified and even if they don't have one a product bought after clicking through from their blog post may well be tracked

And finally share great content. If you see a fab post share it with others who will be interested. Don’t retweet 100s of posts a day, but share great quality links so your followers will be more likely to trust your recommendations.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting anyone goes around clicking on adverts and links they have no interest in. I also don't think we should support poor content which doesn't represent the strengths of the blogging community, but I do think we should take a few minutes a day to help others.

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