Review of Cocobelle Baby Coconut Oil and Suggestions for Use

We were sent a jar of Cocobelle Baby organic coconut oil to review. The label describes the “100% organic premium cold-pressed virgin coconut oil” as “lightweight, non-greasy and mild”. With the expected hint of a coconut smell this natural product can be used sparingly and still leaves skin feeling soft so the 250g jar should last a long time. The pretty packaging will complement most nurseries, it's BPA free and can even be recycled after use. But what can you use this organic coconut oil for?

A jar of Cocobelle baby next to a teddy, a muslin and a blanket.

When Little was born she had very dry, hard skin. I thought it was just the vernix babies are often born with, but within a few days the skin around her wrists and ankles was cracked and bleeding. You expect babies to have "baby soft skin", but newborns often have dry skin, baby acne and more. The newborn photographs are often prettier with a filter!

When we asked the midwives what to use on Little's dry skin they suggested using olive oil and massaging it in. A quick google suggested that olive oil wasn’t thought to be the best oil to use on babies, but coconut oil comes widely recommended.

A newborn baby's hand and wrist showing dry skin and cracks
Little's skin a few days after birth before applying coconut oil

A dry and cracked newborn baby foot
Dry baby toes before treating with Coconut Oil

Why is Coconut Oil Recommended For Babies?

Coconut oil advocates claim it has countless uses. As well as being an oil that is easily absorbed it is widely believed to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. 

The wide variety of baby creams and lotions on the market are carefully formulated and tested to maximise their effectiveness and minimise the risk of an adverse reaction. The beauty of organic and pure coconut oil though is you aren’t using a long list of chemicals and ingredients on your child’s skin, you are using one: coconuts. While there is a risk of a negative reaction to coconut it is small and easier to identify than if you are using a cream with 14 odd ingredients, many of which you probably haven’t even heard of and the rest in latin, aqua? really? why not just say water?

A jar of Cocobelle Baby on a blanket and next to flowers

Great Uses For Coconut Oil On Babies & Children

Moisturiser: Coconut oil can be used as a moisturiser and rubbed into dry skin, it is particularly effective after bath time and you can combine it with a baby massage in the evening to help babies get to sleep.

Barrier cream: Baby bottoms are sensitive and it is likely that they will get nappy rash at some point. I have found that one of the worst times for nappy rash is when babies are teething because the poo is really acidic and harsh on skin, but applying coconut oil after a nappy change to protect and treat the skin can help stop bottoms getting red and sore.

Cradle cap: another common ailment that affects newborns is cradle cap; large yellow or brown scales on your babies scalp. It often goes away on it’s own, but the scales can be softened by applying coconut oil before using a gentle brush to help remove them

There are more suggestions for use on the Amazon listing for Cocobelle Baby (affiliate link).

An open jar of Cocobelle Baby Organic Coconut Oil

It is recommend to always test new products on a small patch of skin first to check for adverse reactions.

***Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Links to Amazon are affiliate links, they wont cost you any more, but I will receive a few pennies per pound for qualifying purchases.***


  1. I love the smell of coconut oil. This looks great for little ones, so many different uses!

  2. We have loved using coconut oil and this looks like a lovely products for new families to try.


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