Our Summer 2018 journal

My eldest’s only homework this summer was to complete her summer journal. I understand in theory it's a good way to encourage memory, logical thinking, writing and drawing, but it’s also good way to make parents repeatedly nag their children to get it done. It should be a lovely book to look back on and remember the summer, from the ordinary days to the extraordinary. M's is somewhat lacking in content though so I thought I would create my own version, one which fortunately doesn’t rely on my art skills or handwriting.

two children on an aeroplane, one is playing on the iPad, the other is writing in a magazine and listening to her ipod
Flying to France
We had an extended holiday in France at my Mum's house (thanks for 3 extra days RyanAir). It was great to be out there at the same time as my nephew and sisters. The two weeks involved a lot of swimming as well as a few trips to the Supermarché for sweets, a couple of night markets, a chateau full of games, a farm and a theme park.

A 6 year old in a rubber ring floating around in a swimming pool
Floating Around
Dogs in the shade and a toddler playing with water
The dogs sensibly hid the shade while everyone else played with/ in the water.
Me and G wearing knights helmets in front of a french chateau
Posing at the chateau
2 cousins with their back to camera sitting down and a toddler in a nappy wandering over with a plastic phone in hand
A roller coaster
Parc Jacquou is a small, quiet, decrepit but rather awesome little French theme park in Perigord.
Pregnant me with a 16 week bump which is just about as big as my boobs
16 weeks pregnant and sunkissed
We had a quiet few days catching up on work etc while M was at her Dad's before she came back and chaos resumed and we decided to go camping for a few nights in Norfolk so we could visit Nana. We stayed at Bircham Windmill and had lots of fun playing their too. We squeezed in a visit to the beach as well.
My daughters sitting outside our tent in chairs telling stories
Bedtime stories at the campsite
2 children playing with a windmill and tents in the background
Running around at sunset at the campsite
A girl dressed up in a mop cap and apron, a sack of flour, pretend bread and a kettle
Playing in the Miller's Cottage at Bircham Windmill
Sisters holding hands and heading into the sea
Paddling in the sea, before complaining about getting wet
Home again just in time for a day out with old friends at London Wetland Centre, Little enjoyed the ducks.

Holding at plastic duck at London WWT centre
The rest of the week was quiet with M away again, other than our 20 week scan and finding out we are having a boy.
Me in a black dress with a 20 week bump which is now slightly bigger than my boobs
20 weeks pregnant
The last week of the holidays we were at home with M and we decided to fit in as much as possible including: seeing the circus at Van Hage before having lunch with lots of wasps, a visit to Mountfitchet Castle with my Dad, a day in London to see the new Boots mini club collection and a few of the sites (including Van Gogh's sunflowers, I decided to drag the girls to see some culture while we stopped in the National Gallery to use their loos) and a day at Cammas Hall Farm fruit picking and playing in their play area.

A young girl balancing while in the air with a thick ribbon like rope
Awesome aerial act at Lawson's Circus at Van Hage
2 children on a wooden horse
Training to be a knight at Mountfitchet Castle

Selfie of me and my girls eating Vegan sorbetti
Discovering Amorino has loads of choice of (expensive) vegan sorbet
My girls looking at a Raspberry bush deciding which one to pick next
Fruit picking is a very serious business
Of course all of the above was punctuated by the girls making A LOT of mess at home, but nothing that's pretty normal in our house.

My toddler sitting on the floor reading a book surrounded by lots of books and toys

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