Why Luxury Hampers Make A Great Christmas Gift

What do you get someone for Christmas who is impossible to buy for?  Over the next couple of months I will be sharing lots of present ideas to inspire you, but I’m going to start with a great gift which is perfect for every adult: a luxury Christmas hamper. Why do I think a food hamper makes such a great present? Let me explain… 

A hamper, mug, glass bottle and plate

As I get older I have become pretty difficult to buy presents for, most adults in my family are as well so I suspect it’s pretty common situation in every family. Even though I have less money now than I have had for years there still isn’t a lot I can ask for a present. I want things like: enough sleep that I stop feeling tired, a magic washing basket that cleans all the clothes and children who actually tidy up after themselves. Then there are things I need like new glasses and my favourite camera to be fixed, but it’s pretty rubbish to get those in lieu of an actual present.  I have previously suggested people make a charity donation on my behalf, but people still want to give me an actual present.

I don’t want to be bought novelty items that will be fun for 2.8 seconds, but then never looked at again because my house is full of items like that. There is little point buying me beautiful, but breakable items because all the high shelves are piled with items not suitable for children and it’s going to be years before I have space to appreciate them, if they last that long. The one gift that makes absolute sense for people like me is food. There will never be a day I don’t get a buzz of excitement and feel my mouth watering when I open a food hamper like the one Prestige Hampers sent me to review.

An open luxury wicker hamper from Prestige Hampers with all the contents displayed

I received a luxury hamper from Prestige Hampers which came in a beautiful handmade wicker basket packaged inside a cardboard box. Once opened I was impressed with the range of products I could see, surrounded in shredded brown paper to keep it all protected. As I started to take the items out to have a better look I discovered there was a whole other layer below. It was like a delicious lucky dip all for me. It's what a good present should feel like, lots of oohs and yums. 

My luxury hamper contained: Monty Bojangles truffles, Deli & Co Pork Liver Paté with Cognac, Hamlet Belgian Chocolate Assortment, Shortbread House of Edinburgh original shortbread, Silver & Green Garlic Stuffed Olives, Mrs Bridges Sun-dried Tomato & Balsamic Chutney, Mrs Bridges Strawberry Preserve with Champagne, Humbug sweets, Rhubarb & Custard sweets, Yorkshire Popcorn Salt & Sweet Popcorn, Simply Cornish Handmade shortbread with luxurious strawberries and clotted cream, Sweet cured ham & pickle Yorkshire Crisps, Gruyère crunchy biscuits, Buttermilk Caramel Sea Salt Crumbly Fudge, Perthshire Oatcakes, Walkers Chocolate Turkish Delights, Classic Blends Wild Sage & Roast Onion Wholemeal Stuffing Mix, Luccello Pinot Grigio, Luccello Merlot and New English Teas 1869 English Tea. There is such a wide variety of delicious products all great quality and the use by dates are long enough on most of the items that you don’t have to worry about trying to eat them all in one delicious, but ridiculously excessive sitting.

A side view of the hamper and it's contents as listed in the post

Why Give A Food Hamper For Christmas?

The number 1 priority for my present buying this year is presents I can buy online. I have no intention to be pushing my way around the busy shops heavily pregnant and then carrying heavy bags home. Trying to do it with children as well would be a complete nightmare and I didn’t enjoy it when I was younger and childfree either.

The food hamper can be delivered straight to the person who it is intended for which is great if they don’t live near by and you don’t have to worry about arranging delivery yourself. The Prestige Hamper came with a gift message and no worries about the invoice being included.

Money seems to be tighter now than ever before for pretty much everyone I know and when people are short on money they cut back on luxuries like posh chocolates, premium biscuits and quality snacks. A hamper can provide a selection of treats to last them a few months meaning they will keep being able to have treats throughout the winter.

The range of products in hampers is wide and wonderful, which gives people a chance to try new delicious products and find new favourites. While there may be a few items people don’t like due to individual tastes the Prestige Hampers are carefully thought out so there aren’t lots of strange items which will sit at the back of cupboards until they are thrown out.

Food hampers give people a present they will actually use and enjoy rather than a 5 minute wonder people will forget about. And once it is consumed you can recycle much of the packaging to avoid waste.

There are a huge variety of hampers to suit different tastes and budgets including: sweets, gluten free, cheese, alcohol and there are even non-food item packages if you think they are better suited. 

Most of the Prestige Hampers are available with next day delivery which means it doesn’t even matter if you are disorganised, check the website for last order dates for Christmas.

***Disclosure: we were sent a Prestige Hamper, but all thoughts are my own***

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