Activities That Are Great For Encouraging More Time Together As A Family

Collaborative post by another author. Does your family spend as much time together as you’d like them to? Probably not - it can be hard to even get everyone in the same room together sometimes! But the point still stands that you’d like to do more things together, and that’s where the ideas below come in. As long as it’s fun and doesn't require too much skill, it can be a family activity that brings you all closer.

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Camping is a big hit with families of all ages, and it’s a great way to get to know the hidden strengths of your siblings and your kids. Depending on where you camp, what tent you’re in, and if you’ll be building your own fires and roasting your own foods, a lot of magic can be found in this simple activity. If you’ve got a free weekend coming up, there are campsites all over the country so book a pitch, back up the car and go - it’s great fun! Set up a bug hunt, roast marshmallows, and maybe even tell some spooky stories at night. 


Going skateboarding sounds intimidating when you first look at it, but it’s quite a fun activity you can all try together. Just hop on a board, get your balance, make sure you can manoeuvre normally, and then move onto the easiest skateboard tricks for beginners! Take your time, hold each others’ hands as you’re doing it, and make sure you have a laugh and a giggle every time someone falls down. You might even be able to get started in your own garden. An added bonus is that children tend to get the hang of it faster than adults so they will love laughing at you.  


You don’t have to head outside of the house for this one, which makes it one of the most accessible activities on the list and it doesn't even have to require any skill or creative talent, unless you want to tackle more complicated recipes. So it should be perfect for kids who have a big imagination and love licking out the bowl! Bake some cakes, cookies or even bread dough and make pizza together as a family. Hey, food is always fun, so everyone will want to get involved. 

Tabletop Roleplaying Games

If you’re getting a bit sick of normal board games on family game nights, and the kids are still a bit too young to properly take part in a quiz, tabletop RPGs are a great in between. Print out a rule set, have someone act as GM (games master), and then create some wacky and wild characters to take on a journey. Let the kids come up with whatever kind of player they want, and provide some colouring pencils so they can illustrate them. Older kids will likely get the nuance of the game a little better, but even younger children will love being swept away in a fun and mysterious narrative. 

Activities like those above are popular with families, and for good reason! Why not check a couple of them out and see if you like the experience together? 

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