Review - Introducing GooZonia and the new GooZonian toys

AD Following the popularity of Goo Jit Zu, the stretchy, squishy toys and it’s accompanying YouTube series, Character have developed a brand new GooZonian world. Designed with girls aged 4 to 6 in mind who love fantasy storytelling, action and adventure there are 6 toys to collect in series 1 and a YouTube series. Perfect for my 6 year old daughter.

A 6 year old girl in a blue wig with a pink horn holding GooZonia toys and watching something on a Kindle Fire
Dressed up as Roxy from GooZonia and watching the GooZonian animation on YouTube

What Is GooZonia and Who Are The GooZonians?

The GooZonians are 6 super stretch superheroes who protect the magical world of GooZonia. In GooZonia an enchanted rainbow hued goo flows through everything and everyone is happy and easy going. Once upon a time their land was threaten though by a force of nature called Stone Heart which turned the goo hard and dull and made the people sad and angry.

Queen Cinder fought back to save her people by creating 6 powerful charms which gave GooZonians the power to defeat the Stone Heart and reverse it’s effects. Once all was back to normal Queen Cinder hid the charms throughout the land to prevent the temptation to use them for ill, but now (many generations later) Stone Heart has returned. The descendants of Queen Cinder (Queen Ember and Princess Flik) must now work with Roxy, Isla, Cora and Glyde to find the charms before it is too late.

Each character has it’s own personality and children can learn more about them in the webisodes on Character Kidz TV, episode 1 can be watched here now. Find out how the 6 friends find the charms and work out how to defeat Stone Heart.

Close up of a pink dragon called Glyde and a blue unicorn called Roxy
Glyde and Roxy GooZonian toys

GooZonian character toys in packaging
There are 6 characters to collect in series 1 in single and double packs

GooZonian Toy Review

The toys are great for children who love tactile toys because they are squishy and stretchy. Each character has a different filling and they are either made from a firm but stretchy glucose or a much more squishy material filled with liquid.  Their heads are hard plastic and can be rotated so they can look different directions. Inside each character there is a hidden charm to look for, but you’ll need to stretch and squeeze them to look for it. The characters stretchy clothes can be removed and switched between characters if you want, but I think this is a bit fiddly and that they look better on the right one. I’m worried about how far the toys will stretch before the break, they really are super stretchy and squishy, but I'm sure if they have a limit my children will test them too it. 

Close up of squishing Glyde
Glyde is super squishy and filled with pink glitter and water beads

Close up of Roxy the blue GooZonian having her arm stretched
Roxy is sooooooo stretchy

GooZonian toys we received to review:

Roxy is a blue unicorn with long silvery blue hair, she is the Royal spokesperson and heads up GooZonia castle's social committee, you can probably find her sharing about castle life on social media. Roxy is filled with glucose which feels quite firm if cold, but gets softer and stretchier when it’s warmer. In her transparent blue body you can see silver snowflakes and blue stars as well as a hidden star charm.

Glyde is far more shy and loves to quietly figure out strategy to battle the Stone Heart. She is pink and looks like a dragon with wings and orange horns. Glyde is filled with pink and purple water beads and shimmers thanks to her pink glitter filling. Her charm is a gem.

A 6 year old girl looking at her GooZonian toys received to review
Each character has a different personality

The other 4 characters to collect are: Queen Ember (a red, orange and yellow phoenix), Princess Flik (a purple phoenix), Cora (pink and filled with sparkles) and Isla (a pale blue surfer filled with moon and star sparkles and water beads).

The toys are great because they are so squishy and stretchy making them a great sensory toy for children age 4 and upwards and children will love the webisodes too. Episode 1 went live 21st May, we were invited to watch the premiere and Little even dressed up as Roxy, doesn’t she look great?

Watching the GooZonian youtube show dressed as Roxy and holding Roxy
Enjoying watching the new GooZonian show on YouTube dressed as Roxy

Watching GooZonian episode 1 on Youtube with GooZonian toys
Episode 1 of GooZonians is on YouTube now

The toy range is BRAND NEW and is available at Smyths Toys Superstores now. You can watch the webisode on Character Kidz TV YouTube Channel.

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