What Are the Most Valuable Changes You Can Make to Your Garden?

Collaborative post by another author. When you're thinking about how to make your home more valuable, many of the changes you consider will be internal. You might install a new bathroom or kitchen, for example. However, you could be missing a trick if you're not also considering whether improving your space outdoors could raise the value of your home. Demand for gardens has been at an all-time high recently, and people will look for certain garden features that mean they won't have to make as many changes when they move in. Even if you only have a small yard and not a proper garden, you can still make some great changes.

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One of the most popular features for a garden is a good-sized shed. Homebuyers want to have plenty of storage, so knowing there's a garage, a loft room, a basement or even a shed is really beneficial. Garden storage doesn't take much to install and it's really useful for you while you're still living in your home. You can use it to store gardening tools, your lawnmower, garden furniture, kids' outdoor toys, bikes, or anything else you want to put neatly away. But you need to balance putting up a shed and using up too much of your available space if you have a very small garden.

Areas for Sitting and Socialising

If there's a garden, people want to use it. Sitting out in the garden is obviously one of the top ways people want to make use of the outdoor space they have. And for that, you need an area that's pleasant for sitting and socialising. You could install a patio or decking, or an oak gazebo to improve your garden and the value of your home. Think about how you might want to use your garden but also how future owners might want to use it too. Is it just for you to grab some quiet moments or do you want an area suitable for garden parties and barbecues?

Safety and Security Features

Gardens can sometimes be a security hazard. Intruders can use gardens to gain entrance to your property, especially if the lighting is poor or there are places for them to hide. So people want to see that a garden is secure when they're looking for the right house. One of the things you can easily install is good security lighting. Fencing and a secure gate will also help to protect your garden. If you have storage, such as a shed, a solid lock is another excellent feature.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass can be controversial but it's also become pretty popular. Some people might not see the point of it, but many people like that it offers convenience and the look of a real lawn. Installing artificial grass could raise the value of your home. Alternatively, just making sure your garden is fairly low-maintenance could also help. People want the joy of having a garden without having to spend too much time caring for it, ensuring all the hedges are well pruned and grass is cut for house viewings will make it look like it's easy to care for.

Upgrading your garden could help to raise the value of your home. It also doesn't have to cost that much to make improvements.

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