Great Ideas Of What To Write In A Father's Day, Whatever Your Relationship

AD I love buying cards for people. With so much choice online you can find a card that is perfect for every occasion. You can even add a surprise inside that they will never expect like a confetti cannon with, but something else that makes a Father’s Day card extra special is the message inside. And that’s the bit I struggle with. So here are some ideas of messages you can write inside a card to your Dad on Father’s Day.

The best message to write in a Father’s Day card will depend on your relationship, but whether you are looking for something funny or heartfelt, something for a new Dad or an old one these messages will give you some inspiration. If you aren't close to your Dad and still want to send a card there are ideas for that too.

a man and child holding hands representing different relationships on Father's Day and what to write in cards
So many great Father's Day cards, but what message should you write in yours?

Messages To Write In Father’s Day Cards Whatever Your Relationship

Funny Messages To Write In A Father’s Day Card

The two obvious choices for a message in a card is to crack a joke or go heartfelt. For many of us it’s easier to be funny or sarcastic than to attempt to put how we feel into words. If you don’t want to get too emotional, try these messages:

  • Happy Father’s Day, enjoy the attention because tomorrow it’s back to being about me.
  • If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Love your second born.
  • Happy Farters Father's Day (that say's farter by the way).
  • It takes a legend to raise one.
  • Thank you for everything Dad, I will never be able to repay you. Literally.
  • Happy Father’s Day, you are top of the pops.
  • Thank you for teaching me all the Dad jokes.
  • Well done for putting up with us/ me. You deserve a medal.
  • I love you more than x (whatever your favourite thing is) and that’s saying a lot.
  • Thank you for raising me in a time before embarrassing pictures on social media.
  • Thank you for doing all my DIY.

Heartfelt Father’s Day Messages 

Whether you are writing a message as an adult to your own father or helping your child to write a message to their Dad, a Father’s Day card is a lovely time to say how much they mean to you. Be warned though, don’t expect a gushing response back, many men don’t know how to express their emotions when faced with an unexpected touching moment.

  • Thank you for always being there for me.
  • One day isn’t enough to show you how much you mean to me, but it’s a start. Thank you for everything.
  • I’m proud to be your child/ daughter/ son.
  • Thank you for for always listening to me when I need to talk.
  • Thank you for teaching me x y z (whatever special things they have taught you).
  • Daddy, I feel your presence and guidance around me all the time, thank you for how you raised me.
  • You are so much more than my Dad, you are my friend too.
  • Thank you for always showing me the right path and guiding me the right direction.
  • I am who I am today because of you Dad.

What To Write In A Father’s Day Card For Someone Who Is Like A Father 

Father’s are about more than biology. Whether the Dad in your life is a Step Dad, Grandad, Uncle or other significant person Father’s Day is a great day to acknowledge them and how important they are for you.

  • Thinking of you on Father’s Day, thank you for always supporting me.
  • Thank you for showing me what a good man looks like and being a positive influence in my life
  • I always look up to you.
  • Thank you for being the Dad you didn’t have to be.
  • I’m glad you “stepped” into my life (for a Step Dad).
  • Even though we don’t share genes or the same last name you’re the best Dad I’ve ever had.

What To Write in A First Father’s Day Card

For the first few Father’s Days the Mum (or partner) tends to take a lead on the card (these are cute handmade Father's Day card ideas if you want to make one). When the child starts nursery or school they often make a card their which takes the pressure off, but for the first Father’s Day it’s special and it’s less about what the child thinks of the parenting skills as what you as their partner are grateful for.

Father’s Day Messages From The Perspective of a Baby

  • Thank you for all the cuddles.
  • Thank you for doing the night feeds.
  • Thank you for changing my dirty nappies.
  • I love you to the moon and back.

Father’s Day Messages From The Perspective of Mum or Partner

  • Thank you for being a great Dad, I wouldn’t want to be on this parenting journey without you.
  • Thank you for all you do for our family, we are so lucky to have you.
  • Seeing you as a Father only makes me love you more.
  • I always knew you would be a great Dad, but you are even better than I could have imagined.

What To Write In A Father’s Day Card If You Are not Close To Your Dad

What if your Dad hasn’t been the best Dad ever? What if he hasn’t always been there for you? Maybe you still want to give him a card, or you feel you have to give him a card to avoid an argument, but can’t bring yourself to call him “Number 1 Dad” and you don’t want to write a message that sounds fake. There are plenty of joke cards that acknowledge it's Father's Day without making any reference to the quality of parenting or you could choose a generic card that simply states "Happy Father's Day". Inside it is sometimes easier to say less, let what you don’t say speak more than what you do. You could just write “Happy Father’s Day” or “Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day” and your name. If your difficult relationship is acknowledged between you, maybe try something honest like “I don’t know what to say, but I’m thinking of you anyway.”

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