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Giveaway - Fancy winning a smart football from Wicked Uncle that counts and lights up with your tricks? Well read on to find out more about in our review and then enter to win your own smart ball at the end. The Smart Ball has a sensor in it which counts aloud every time it is kicked or hit. If the gap between kicks is longer than 3 seconds you the counter will reset, can you make it all the way to 100 before it resets?

A 6 year old girl kicking a smart counting football up in the air
How high can you get the ball to count before it resets?

Smart Ball Review

Open the box and you will find a deflated blue and white plastic football, instructions, a measuring tape, a button sensor, an alternative bung and a tool. The ball need inflating before use to at least 70cm (circumference) for best performance, but note you will need a ball pump to do this (not provided). The measuring tape makes it easy to check when the ball has been inflated enough, but like all new balls remember that the last few centimetres is the hardest.

The piece of blue plastic perspex is used to secure the sensor in place in the ball, you can also switch it out in wet weather to the alternative bung allowing it to be used as a normal football. The sensor uses 2 button cell batteries (included) which are well secured with a small screw, but can be replaced if they stop working.

To make the Smart Ball work you need to hold down the middle of the sensor for a few seconds until it beeps. Then it counts up from 1 to 100 (in an American accent) every time the ball is hit hard enough to activate the sensor, with added motivational messages at 10, 50 and 100. Each time it counts it also flashes a blue light, but if playing outside you probably won’t see that. The firmer the ball (the more it is inflated) the more sensitive the sensor is. If there is more than 3 seconds between the sensor picking up a hit then the counter resets. After a short period of inactivity (apparently 3 minutes, but I haven’t timed it) the sensor turns off.

Smart ball review
The Smart Ball is a fun way to help children work on their football skills

kicking a smart football in the garden
The sensor can be removed so the ball can be used as a normal football

Ideas of How To Play With The Smart Ball

Once you have turned the ball on (by holding the sensor down for about 5 seconds) you can do kick ups, headers or any other tricks. If you (or your child) aren’t a football expert then there is still lots of fun you can have with it. We have played with it by throwing the ball to each other (you have to throw the ball quite hard to register for the counting), you can kick it to each other or even kick it against a wall. The 3 seconds you have to activate the sensor before the counting resets feels really quick when playing so it adds a sense of urgency to the game making it a lot of fun.

a blue and white plastic football that counts your kicks
Win A Smart Ball


To win your own Smart Counter ball enter via the widget below before midnight on Sunday 22nd May. UK entry only, all other T&Cs in the widget. The winner will be selected at random and emailed at the address provided to ask for postal details. 

Thank you to Wicked Uncle for providing the prize.

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