Review - FlexiSpot V9 Pro Cycle Desk

(Gifted) Most of us know we should eat better and be more active, but we still don’t. I tend to have bursts of enthusiasm, but the changes don’t become habits because they are too hard to maintain. Research says we are more likely to stick with our good intentions when it’s easy to do so, for instance if I can be more active without having to sacrifice work time or lazing on the sofa. A desk bike is a brilliant way to combine an activity I already do with exercise making it really easy to move more. I received the FlexiSpot V9 Pro Cycle Desk with Desktop to review and I love how easily it fits into my life.

The FlexiSpot V9 Pro Desk bit in front of a window in a living room at home
Review of FlexiSpot's V9 Pro Cycle Desk

FlexiSpot’s Ergonomic Desk Bike Review

The FlexiSpot v9 Pro Cycle Desk looks like an exercise bike, but there is a desk where the handle bars would normally be. It is ideal for using with a laptop or tablet, or even a magazine or book.

Setting The Cycle Desk Up - Out of The Box

The V9 Pro Cycle Desk Bike arrived in two boxes and it was really quick to set up, it probably took me longer to get out of the boxes than assemble. One box contains the desktop and the other the bike part. To set the bike up you pull the four legs pulling out until they click (or go “pa” as the instructions so nicely describe it) and the pedals need to be flicked down.

Once you have taken the cap off the desk column the desk simply slots on and is held in place by a bolt which you tighten with the enclosed Allen (or hex) key. This needs to be pretty tight to stop the desk from wobbling, but is steady when secured properly so I’m happy to have my new MacBook on it. 

To use the LCD display it needs 2 AA batteries, but then the battery compartment is hidden under a non slip mat in the cup holder. 

And that’s it, the desk bike is ready to use, really easy

Adjusting the Cycle Desk Position - Getting Comfortable

There are 3 adjustable parts on the desk which allow you to adjust it to ensure you are comfortable and in a good working position. 

The bike seat goes up and down using a lever under the seat. 

The desk part can go up and down using the lever on the right under the desk (as you are sitting on it).

On the left under the desk the lever allows you to move the desk closer or further away from you.

My partner and I found it easy to adjust the desk bike to our comfort levels and I liked that it encouraged a better sitting position than I often get at our normal desk.  

Your legs should be in a good cycling position (slightly bent at full extension) and the desk should allow your arms to be comfortable (elbows should be at 90 degrees and shoulders relaxed). If you have  particularly long legs, but a short body you might have to compromise slightly to avoid your knees hitting the bottom of the desk.

Me on a cycle desk with my MacBook grinning at the camera
The cycle desk is a great way to get more active while doing work

Features of the FlexiSpot V9 Pro Cycle Desk

Variable Resistance - You can adjust the resistance of the pedals from 1 to 8 depending on how hard you want your legs to work.

LCD Display Screen - If you are one for stats then the display screen will keep you happy. It will show you how many minutes you have been active, your speed (in km/h), distance, approximate calories used, total distance and speed of the wheel (RPM). You can have the display just showing one option or scrolling through them all. To reset for the day just hold down the black button until it beeps.

Wheels - The bike has small wheels so you can move it out of the way, (or in front of the TV if that’s your think) easily. The wheels use a gravity locking system so the bike doesn’t move about when in use.

Pedals - The pedals are a good size and similar to normal bicycle pedals. You need to wear some form of footwear with them because the grips are uncomfortable with bare feet. 

Arm rest - The nearside of the desk edge has a cushioned pad which provides a nice level of support, however if your keyboard is particularly thin you might need to have the desk lower (or raise your laptop up slightly) to compensate and ensure your wrists are at a good angle. I end up having the rest near my elbows so they have a bit of cushioning. 

Seat - The seat is like a bike seat, but a bit wider, there isn’t a back rest which makes it easy to get on and off.

Storage - The bike doesn’t take up as much space as you would think, but if you want to store it for longer periods you can make it smaller (although it will be less stable like this):
-Push the legs underneath by pressing a button underneath with the Allan key.
-Fold the pedals back up by pulling the V shaped section towards you and then folding.
-Remove the desk section by removing the bolt in the desk leg.

Close up of the body part of the V9 Pro cycle desk showing cup holder, display screen and resistance dial
Control the resistance level and find out stats about your performance of the LCD display

A close up of a lever underneath the cycle desk which makes the desk move up and down
Move the desk up and down or back and forth to get more comfortable

Close up of a pedal on the FlexiSpot cycle desk
Pedal fast or slow depending on your focus

Our Opinion Of The FlexiSpot V9 Pro Cycle Desk

I really like being able to cycle while working or scrolling on my phone. I find that having the dial turned to a low resistance means I can pedal at a low speed without losing concentration or getting tired. This is basically just bonus exercise without any effort. I can easily cycle 5k before I know it!

I’m not used to cycling so I have had to build up the time I use it for gradually, this is both to develop the strength in my knees and hips and because a bike seat takes getting used to. I get tired easily on the higher resistance levels, but these would be good for people wanting more of a work out.

At home I tend to have bare feet so it was a bit of an adjustment to remember to wear shoes before using the bike, thin shoes are enough to provide some padding though, so you don’t need trainers or specialist shoes. You might need to think about what you wear when using it as well. I am fine in my normal clothes, but my partner needs to choose his pants and trousers with care when he is going to use it to ensure he was comfortable.

The desk is a good size, there is enough space for my laptop and a notepad, any bigger and I feel it would take up too much space. I do find it a bit strange sitting up so high to work, but I don’t feel like I am going to fall. The height of the desk is a particular benefit when I need a break from the seat though as you can use it as a standing desk as well if you stand at the end of the bike. 

The drink holder is a nice idea so you don’t risk knocking a drink on to your laptop, but it probably is better when you are having a workout because it’s a bit of a difficult manoeuvre to reach down regularly.

Inevitably there is some noise as you cycle, but it’s not very loud and shouldn’t disturb anyone or be noticeable if you are on the phone or a zoom call. If you have batteries in for the display it beeps when the screen gets woken up. It goes off after a short period of inactivity.

Review of the FlexiSpot V9 Pro Cycle Desk
Is it a desk? Is it an exercise bike? It's both and it can be used as a standing desk too

Other things you might want to know about the FlexiSpot V9 Pro Cycle Desk Bike 

The frame has a warranty of 3 years and the electronics (the display showing your stats) 1 year.

It is not recommended for use by children under 13. I have carefully talked through with my children the risks of them getting hurt if they dry to climb on it or move the pedals, while they were initially curious they are used to it now and tend to ignore it.

It recommends covering it up to prevent dust and dirt build up when not in use, but don’t use it as a clothes horse, it would be a waste.

Maximum weight capacity 136kg

It suggests that if they pedals make a strange noise then try tightening the screw which is underneath the logo label.

If you like the look of the cycle desk or you are interested in a standing desk then now is a great time to buy. From 23rd to 31st May 2022 FlexiSpot have flash sales and discounts of up to 38%. Check out the FlexiSpot sale here.  

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