Win A Set Of Marvin's Amazing Magic Pens

(Gifted) My children love colour changing pens just as much as I did as a child. This bumper pack by Marvin’s Magic contains 25 pens. Some of the pens change colour when used with the magic pens and others have ink which vanishes with the magic pen. We have received a set to test out and one for a giveaway thanks to Wicked Uncle.

A selection of colour changing pens and paper coloured in with them and a message with the magic pen saying Marvin's Amazing Magic Pens
Marvin's Amazing Magic Colour Changing Pens

The pack says that the pack contains 11 colour change pens, 11 colour erase pens and 3 white magic pens, but in our pack (and others I have seen pictured) there are 4 of the white pens. It’s good to have a few in the large set because it means that if one dries out or gets dirty you have more and can still use the set. It's really handy when you have siblings who want to use the pens at the same time as no one has to wait for the magic pen. There are also some duplicate colours in the set, we only had 18 unique pens with the rest duplicates.

Marvin's Amazing Magic Pens Colours In Pack
The pens in my set

The pens have a nice solid nib which allows fine detail or can be used for colouring in larger blocks of colour quickly. It might be helpful to know that the ink is meant to be washable at 60 degrees, I'll be testing that claim out later this week.

You can use the magic pen to add details to a drawing with the coloured pens, or erase mistakes. Or maybe even write a secret message with the magic pen first before colouring over the top with a coloured pen to reveal all.

Marvin’s Magic is a range of magic products and guides based in the UK. Marvin Berglas created the first product in 1987 and it’s now believed to be the world’s largest magic company. Wicked Uncle sell a range of their sets from these magic pens all the way through to a deluxe magic set for the most serious budding magician. Marvin’s Amazing Magic Pens will appeal to artists just as much as those interested in magic.

a 6 year old's drawing using magic colour changing pens
Design by my 6 year old

10 year olds artwork with magic pens
Designs by my 10 year old

Children at a table using Marvin's Amazing Magic Pens
Using Marvin's Amazing Magic Pens

Win A Set of Magic Colour Changing Pens

For your chance to win a set of these fun pens enter via my Rafflecopter widget below before midnight on Sunday 12th June 2022. UK entry only, winner selected at random and will be emailed by me to ask for your address only. 

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