Why You Should Have Your TV Mounted On The Wall

Collaborative post. Our living room is very much a family room. In the daytime my children play in there and in the evening my partner and I sit on the sofa and chat or watch TV. We don’t have a huge house so we have to make the most of every space and ensure each room in multi-functional. One of the ways we do this in our living room is to have the TV attached to the wall using a TV mount.

I had seen TV’s mounted on the wall in hotel rooms and swish Instagram homes, but putting our large and expensive TV on the wall was a little scary. What if we didn’t do it properly? What if it fell down? We decided to get some help from a tv wall mounting service to install the TV mount and set up the TV for us.  6 years later it is still securely there. It was a great decision.

A living room wall with a TV mounted on the wall, image from Canva pro

4 Reasons You Should Have Your TV Wall Mounted

It Saves Space

Having your TV mounted on the wall makes a room feel surprisingly more spacious, this is particularly great in a small room.  You don’t have to worry about having floor space taken up by a TV stand (or coordinating it with the rest of the furnishings).

It Looks Nicer

Depending on the design of the functional TV mounts they can be completely hidden behind the TV helping to make the room design simple and neat. Our TV is on the wall that use to be the chimney and the wires run through the chimney to a built in unit housing our Sky box and Playstation. Having the wires run through the wall means they aren’t visible and it looks neater, but if this isn’t an option you can use cable clips to keep cables tidy and out of the way.

Better For Children

Not only do you get more space at floor level for play, but it’s makes your home more child friendly having the television out of the way too. When wall mounted the TV is further from the floor so less likely to get hit with flying debris or knocked off it’s stand. Living with toddlers I was constantly worried they would pull the TV over by using it to support themselves when learning to walk, but our wall mounted TV was safely out of their reach. As they get taller we occasionally get dirty hand prints on the television, but it is safe from being knocked over.

You Can Change The Angle Easily

We chose a TV mount that keeps the television in a fixed position opposite our sofa, but if you are likely to want to change the angle at times eg to remove the glare of light from the morning sun, or to position it facing slightly downwards if people are sitting on the floor then there are some great designs which smoothly allow you to adjust the angle while keeping the TV straight.

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