Kids are Back to School Soon. What are the Best Shoes to Buy?

This September, children across Britain will be going back to school after a break at home. One of the first things they will need is a new pair of school shoes for those growing feet. You might consider getting them some new trainers too.

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You don’t want to make any mistakes when it comes to buying your kids’ school shoes. Here is a nice guide we created to help you pick the best school shoes for your kids. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying for a primary school kid or a teenager, this guide will give you all the guidance you need. 

The lockdown brought a couple of things with it, particularly the online purchase mania. You might be hungry for the feeling of traditional shopping and decide to go into a store to get the perfect shoes. Irrespective of the shopping style you chose, here are some tips on getting the right pair of back to school shoes that will ensure your kids kick off the school year in comfort and style.

Velcro for the Younger Kids

Age is one of the first things to consider when shopping for the perfect school shoes. A shoelace and buckle will be too much for children in preschool, reception, and year one. It will become even more difficult when they are in a hurry to change before heading to their next lesson.

The kids and the teachers won’t have to deal with the stress if you can get them shoes with Velcro fastening. For the boys, Startrite Children's Shoe brand are the perfect example of shoes that won’t be stressful.

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For Teenagers, it’s More a Trend

Get your teens rugged shoes with strong leather. At this age, the kids have a fondness for playing football around the playground and kicking just about anything. Shoes with back collars are great, they are sure to maintain their shape with all the kicking on and off. The Start-Rite Leather Lace Up School Shoes are perfect for your teens.

View a range of choices for boys and girls

Trainers? Pick the Best!

If your child’s school allows trainers, go for trainers with antibacterial technology. One perfect sneaker with the antibacterial tech is Skechers Equaliser 3.0 Aquablast Boys Waterproof Trainer. With these shoes, your kid’s feet will remain fresh throughout the day and after some athletic activities.

Finally, Check the Fitting of the School Shoes. Below is how to do it.

Be sure to leave the labels intact until you’ve made sure the shoes fit your kids (this is best done in a carpeted room). The first thing to test is the heel grip, do this by grabbing the ankle with your hand, then pulling down gradually on the shoe heel with the other hand. Check to see whether it slipped or stayed in position.

With your fingers, feel around the top of the shoes to make sure there are no gaps. Do this particularly between the shoe and the heel. When this is done, check the ankle area to be sure the shoe does not touch the ankle bone; it would rub if it touches the ankle bone.

For your encore, check the top of the shoe to find the exact spot where your child’s longest toe will rest. Be sure that there is a little growing room.

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