Review: Crystalina colour changing positive aura dolls

AD - Crystalina are special colour changing dolls. There are 4 sprites (or fairies) to collect or share between friends and they all have special powers. Each of the sprites represents a different character (their superpower aura) so you can choose between: wisdom, luck, love or healing . They light up to show their auras which are all empowering eg “be brave and confident” or “heal sadness” and they can be transferred to your child so they have the powers too if they wear the crystal shaped amulet which comes with the dolls. 

Purple haired amethyst and green haired adventurine crystalina sprite dolls next to each other
Amethyst and Adventurine Crystalina Sprites

Crystalina Review 

The dolls are based on the powers of crystals (although the dolls are plastic and don’t contain any actual crystals). I love the messages that are associated with these dolls and that the lights are best seen in the dark, a time when children’s fears can be heightened, making them a lovely way to give children more confidence. I can easily picture my children in their rooms sharing their worries with their sprites.

Crystalina aren't just about the powers of each individual doll though, they interact with the other dolls too. Each sprite has 4 auras which are unique to them and they can share these powers wirelessly with the other dolls when they are brought near each other. 

The sprites and amulets are battery powered using 3 AG13 (LR44) button cell batteries each (so 6 in total). They come with batteries included which are replaceable and it’s suggested the batteries they come with are for display purposes only. Any shared auras are lost when the batteries are changed as the doll is reset to battery settings.

Mother and daughter looking at each other lovingly and holding Crystalina sprites
Crystalina dolls have empowering auras to encourage confidence

A happy 5 year old holding a Crystalina doll and wearing the green amulet and smiling
Each doll comes with a wearable crystal amulet

A tween holding out a plastic amulet they are wearing around their neck towards a Crystalina doll
The magical auras of the dolls can be passed to children by wearing the amulet

Sisters playing with Crystalina doll
The dolls cans be played with together or separately

What are Crystalina?

Crystalina from Skyrocket are fairy dolls or sprites which stand about 10cm tall. They have long colourful (and brushable) hair, flesh coloured head and arms and a solid transparent plastic dress which goes down to a flat base they stand on (where the batteries are). Inside the crystal dress are LED lights. The only moving part is their neck. Each of the 4 sprites has a different hair colour and slightly different skin tone with “Turquoise” having the darkest skin and hair that is more curly than the others.

In the pack as well as the dolls there is a wearable crystal amulet on a cord (with a fast release clasp), a moon shaped holder and a colourful crystal hair piece. The dolls are suitable for age 4 and upwards. Other than the components inside they are plastic so when described as crystal the packaging just means plastic moulded to look like crystal.

Amethyst and Adventurine Crystalina dolls next to each other
When different dolls are brought near each other they unlock a special new aura

What do Crystalina dolls do?

When you turn the dolls on (there is a small button underneath) their dress is lit up by the LED in the base. This isn’t very visible outside, is brighter insider and lights up really nicely when dark. The colours represent the auras of the doll which are empowering energy. Each aura is a pattern of 2 or 3 lights eg pink then green is the aura to overcome a challenge. You can press the button on the bottom of the doll to move through each of their auras. 

The dolls and amulet automatically power off when not moved for a while. The dolls can also be turned off by holding the button on the bottom for a few seconds. The amulet automatically comes on again when moved (which might mean the battery runs down fairly quickly if moved a lot). The batteries ours came with are still going strong currently though.

Each sprite has 10 auras they will scroll through initially with 4 of them unique to that particular doll character. Each doll also has a “superpower aura” which can be shown by shaking the dolls for a few seconds.

The auras which are unique to the doll can be shared with other doll types (or the amulet) by shaking them next to each other. They should both flash and then the aura pattern will magically be shared.

As well as sharing their individual auras with each other the sprites can unlock a hidden aura when two different coloured ones meet. This happens automatically: you’ll see them communicate with lights and then they both display the new aura. We have Amethyst and Adventurine which have the shared power of “don’t make a mistake”. 

The amulet has single coloured auras which means normally they glow just one colour at a time eg pink is love. You can press the button on the amulet to scroll through the 10 different colour auras they have. The dolls multi-coloured auras can be shared with the amulet by shaking both the doll and amulet next to each other. 

The shared powers are retained by the dolls (and amulets) until another shared power replaces it. I think the hidden auras unlocked when 2 different dolls meet are available until the dolls are reset by changing the batteries, but as we only have 2 dolls so far I can’t test this to confirm.

The doll and amulet come with a moon stand which can be assembled so the amulet sits in the back and the doll in the front. These then light up and look pretty in dark rooms. There is also a crystal hair piece that can be put in either the doll or child’s hair using the snap bead. Amethyst’s is an owl to represent wisdom and Adventurine’s a 4 leaf clover to represent luck. The hair piece can get easily knocked off the clip so I wouldn’t recommend wearing out of the house in case it’s lost.

The information sheet which comes in the box gives details of what all the different auras are, and these vary slightly between the 4 dolls. I suggest taking a picture of both sides of this when the box is opened in case it gets lost. SkyRocket generally have their instructions available to download online so I'm sure they will be available soon, but as a brand new product they aren't available yet.

A display of 2 Crystalina dolls, their amulets and hair clips
The dolls, amulets and hair pieces in each pack are colour themed

The Amethyst doll and amulet in the moon shaped stand
The dolls and amulet can be placed into a stand

The green Adventurine Crystalina doll and amulet in stand glowing green in a dark room
The lights can be seen best in the dark

The Crystalina sprites are cute little dolls which will appeal to children of a wide age range (my 5 and 9 year old both love them), but they are so much more than that. The auras can help ease children’s fears, give them confidence and they encourage togetherness and sharing too (with the subtle message that we learn more when we are with others).

Mother and daughter smiling and holding a Crystalina doll each
Crystalina Review

Crystalina are currently available in larger Tesco stores with more hitting the supermarkets all the time.

Disclosure: we received payment to buy these dolls and share an honest review.

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