Less Mess With The Play-Doh Home Protection Service?

(#AD - Gifted) Have you ever made an excuse to stop your children getting Play-Doh out? I know I have. Recently I told my toddler it was too hot so he couldn’t play with it. In reality it was 10 minutes before bath time and I just couldn’t be bothered with the mess. According to new research “can I get the Play-Doh out?” appeared in the top five most dreaded questions kids ask their parents (in a sample of 1000 UK adults). Generally I like Play-Doh though and some days it has kept my children entertained for ages so I have a lot to be grateful for.

Blue, yellow and pink play-doh all over a table in separate clumps

The most common reason parents make excuses about Play-Doh is because they want to avoid the mess, but it doesn’t have to be particularly messy. It’s not like painting where a moments distraction can lead to “artwork” all over your chairs, walls and floor. In fact a little preparation can keep the mess contained and cleaning up super quick: cover the table, make sure carpet is covered and maybe clothes too then you are good to go.  

a child standing behind a table with a mess of play-doh items on it

Still not convinced? Well Play-Doh is tackling the problem head on by trialling a Home Protection Service! Ok it might be tongue in cheek but they have a competition running until 27th August 2021 where 4 winners will get home visits from the Play-Doh Home Protection Service and 20 winners will win DIY kits (including aprons, table cloth and Play-Doh product). You can find out more here. Sadly they seem unable to do anything about children mixing the colours though.

You have to love a brand with a sense of humour.

Image provided by Hasbro of the Home Protection Service setting up in a house with floor coverings

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