Review: Micro Toy Box Collectable Miniature Toys

(AD) Micro Toy Box is a brand new collectable for children aged 8 and upwards. Each collectible is a teeny tiny version of a real toy and Season 1 has 50 to collect. From My Little Pony to Uno these micro toys are super cute and we have loved discovering them. We have even got some of the rare ones already.

A 20 pack of Micro Toy Box collectibles being held
Review of Micro Toy Box Miniature Collectibles

Ok so the toys aren’t real, but they are pretty detailed models given the size of them. The corn popper even has little balls inside. Some of the toys come in a little display box, some are just a sealed box and others are plastic without a box. Each toy is about 2 to 3cm long. They are perfect for pretending to have your own toy shop, to go in a doll’s house or for dolls to play with.

An excited looking 9 year old girl feeling a small sealed plastic bag
Getting excited guessing which toys are in the surprise bags

Pouring a micro toy out of the surprise bag on to her hand and revealing a mini model of a gloworm toy
"Oh it's so cute! What is it?". Are Gloworms not a thing any more then?

Micro Toy Box Collectables Review

The collectables are available from Smyths Toys Superstores where they sell them in 3 different size packs: 

The 5 pack costs £6.99 and has one toy visible through the packaging window and there are 4 surprises to unwrap and reveal.

The 10 pack costs £9.99 and has 6 visible through the packaging, with 4 micro toy surprises to unwrap and reveal.

The 20 pack costs £19.99 and you can choose the pack you want from the 14 toys which are visible with 6 surprises in each pack. 

Each pack also has a collectors checklist and stickers (either 1, 2 or 4 depending on the size pack).

Examples of what you might get include: Hot Wheels cars, Transformer, Power Rangers, Barbie, Nerf, Pictionary, Kerplunk, Rubix cube, a teddy. There are a lot of classic games in there.

A corner of one side of the micro Toy Box Series 1 check list with 3 of the toys  on top of it next to ticked boxes
Ticking off our collection of the check list

Close up of a toy and surprise bag
Each pack has a combination of visible toys so you can choose ones you don't have and some surprise bags

An example of 5 miniatures which might be in the surprise bag including My Little Pony, a yoyo, Uno, a robot and a rocking horse
The 5 pack has one toy visible and 4 to reveal 

These collectables appeal to my nearly 10 year old and we have had to keep them well away from her younger siblings who want to and play with them too, but given when distracted that involved take a My Little Pony out of it's box that doesn't seem like a good idea. 

I like them too and I think the nostalgic element will appeal to a lot of adults because they remind me of toys played with when I was a child. I’m not sure if they are intentionally vintage though because most, if not all, of the toys are still available today. It just goes to show how good toys will be played with for generations.

We were sent a 15 pack and a 5 pack in the post to review and went to Smyths to find a 20 pack on the shelves. The toys were brand new in store and they might be near the tills or in the aisle near the other collectibles (what we tend to think of as the pink aisle). 

I think the concept of having a lot of the pack visible and a few surprises works well because the surprises adds to the fun, but means you don't end up with a crazy number of duplicates. We've just ticked what we have on the collectors sheet and across the 3 packs we have we have managed to collect 30 of the 50 toys. We have 5 doubles and 1 triple, but 2 of the doubles are in different colours (we have 2 different colour brown teddy bears and what I'm sure are the same Hot Wheels car in red and blue). Which I don't think is too bad. And yes if you add that up it comes to 37 so maybe the little ones ran away with more of them than I realised. They are small so easy to misplace and also a potential choking hazard. I think our missing ones are either in a random bag or in the garden, to be dug up and confuse future generations.

A young girl looking at one side of the Micro Toy Box Collectors Check List
Checking out the 50 toys to collect in Season 1

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