5 Great European Cities For A Winter Break

(Collaborative Guest Post)  If you love to travel in the wintertime, the following destinations will become your favourites! They are ideal if you want to see snowy landscapes, walk in icy squares, explore historical sites and add to all this a cup of warming hot chocolate so why not book your tickets in time for the coming winter. The following cities all deliver and are looking to welcome visitors for an unforgettable winter trip to Europe.

Gloomy view of Edinburgh in mist Free stock image by Pixabay from Pexels

5 European Cities To Visit This Winter

Edinburgh, Scotland

The medieval beauty of Edinburgh excites even the most demanding traveller. In Edinburgh you can enjoy walks down stone walled alley ways, visit their wide variety of museums (many of which are free), and of course take a tour of the castle which looks over this majestic city. Whisky tasting is a must in this city where the spirit flows in abundance. There is no lack of tastings, nor of course the alcohol, which flows abundantly. If you plan a winter trip to Europe during the holidays, it is worth visiting Edinburgh on New Year's Eve for the annual Hogmanay Street Party. Whether you get tickets for the official party in Princes Street Gardens or join the revellers on the Royal Mile it will be a night you remember for years to come complete with torchlight procession on 30th December, celebrations on 31st December and the fireworks which fill the sky at the stroke of midnight as the New Year starts surrounded by the sound of "Auld Lang Syne".

Vienna, Austria

When we talk about winter travel in Europe, our minds go straight to beautiful Vienna. If you want to experience the magic of winter, but also of Christmas, then Vienna is waiting for you. The city wears its festive clothes from the middle of November, and Christmas markets and shop windows are set up. You will see many attractions and museums that will take you back in time, while Freyung Square and sightseeing around the Ring will make you feel like a child again. Since you are in Vienna, it is impossible not to enjoy the coffee and cake you will find it's many famous tea rooms. The annual New Year's Concert by the Philharmonic Orchestra is an essential ticket. If you are an ice lover, a huge ice rink of over 8000 sq.m awaits you for plenty of play in front of the City Hall, visit after sunset for a stunning sight.

Prague, Czech Republic

A fairytale landscape is set in front of you for an unforgettable winter trip to Europe. Whether you visit it at Christmas or any other time in the winter, it will captivate you with its gothic buildings, the Charles Bridge and its picturesque neighbourhoods. In winter the ice is thick and picturesque around providing photo opportunities everywhere.  At the end of November, one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe is set up in the Old Town Square, where you will be able to buy original Christmas decorations and taste local flavours with mulled wine.

Berlin, Germany

If you are looking for an alternative destination for your winter trip, then Berlin is the solution. Get ready to dress warmly because in December and January the temperature hovers around freezing. You can enjoy hot drinks in the cafés of Neukölin and Kreuzberg, see dozens of art exhibitions, and enjoy walks in the snowy city side in the Tiergarten park. For a more Christmas mood, visit the city from the end of November, where the Berlin Weihnachtsmarkt is set up, a Christmas bazaar with handmade ornaments and decorative and local treats in Alexanderplatz.

Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck is a colourful, picturesque city located in the Austrian Alps. It's greatest asset is it's valley location surrounded by huge mountains covered with snow. The city has endless beautiful views from above, taking the cable cars or going up to the City Tower for a beautiful panoramic view. Close to Italy and Germany it wont take long to see the main sights of Innsbruck, but if you have more time, there are so many winter activities that will keep you busy.

You can visit the picturesque old town by walking through its colourful streets and taking the cable car ride, which can take you to the top of the Nordkette Mountains. Also, visit the Bergisel Ski Jump to enjoy stunning city views. This ski jump is used for training and competitive purposes, so if you are there at the right time, you will also be able to watch ski jumps. From the top of the ski jump, you are rewarded with a panoramic view of Innsbruck. If you want to stay in this area you could contact a company like Erna Low to use one of the dozens of complete accommodation packages at these beautiful resorts.

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