Round up of National Geographic Stem toys from Bandai (and Giveaway)

(AD) As ambassadors in the 2021 Bandai National Geographic STEM blogger club we have tried lots of the National Geographic STEM range. From dig kits to crystals and slime we’ve prodded, polished, brushed, mixed, grown, explored and learned so if you are looking for a great STEM activity for children aged 8 and upwards which of the National Geographic kits might be best for your child? 

A child acting surprised while reading a learning guide about gemstones
STEM kits to wow your child

Our Recommendations for the Best STEM Kits in the Bandai National Geographic Range

Best Kit for Impatient Children

If your child wants to jump right in and explore then the Sensory Science kit is really good because as soon as you open the box it is ready to play with the (very cool) hydrophobic sand, play sand, slime and putty. No prep needed.

The contents of the Sensory Slime kit

Best for Fans of Dig Kits

The Ultimate Gemstone Dig Kit was our favourite of all the dig kits we reviewed because there are so many gemstones to find in the dig block. It’s also great that there are lots of less common stones in there so children will love building up a collection.

Ultimate Gemstone Dig Kit and 20 gemstones

Best for Dinosaur Fans

The Dino Fossil Dig Kit has a nice balance of 3 items to find in the dig block and will hold interest longer than the mini kit.

Dino fossil dig kit contents

Best for Slime Fans

Both the Glow In The Dark Science Kit and Sensory Science Kit contain slime with the big difference being you mix it yourself with the Glow In The Dark Science Kit and it is ready made in the Sensory Kit, with the different textures to explore slime loves might like the Sensory Science Kit best though.

Slime mixed and green and gooey

Best Pocket Money Item

The mini dig kits are the lowest priced of the National Geographic STEM kits. Each kit only has one item to find so they aren’t the most exciting, but they are a price children can afford with their pocket money and good if they want to build up a collection. Because they contain genuine items each find will be different making it interesting if they want to build up a collection. The standard sized dig kits are about twice the price, but you get 3 items so they are are a good option too.

Mini dig kit

Best All Rounder Kit

The Earth Science Kit is great because you get a good range of activities: there are stones to investigate straight away, pyrite to dig out a block, crystals to grow, a volcano to make (and erupt) and a tornado.

It’s a great starter kit and you can then (depending on which they like best) get more eg if they enjoy the concept of the dig kits you can get more of these.

Looking at gemstones in the Earth Science Kit

In our previous reviews you can find out more about the products we have been gifted in the past which include:
Ultimate Gemstone Dig Kit (with 20 gemstones)
Dino Fossil Dig Kit  (with 3 fossils)
Shark Tooth Dig Kit (with 3 different shark teeth)
Real Bug Dig Kit (with 3 specimens in acrylic nuggets)
Gemstone Dig Kit (with 3 gemstones)
Dino Poop Mini Dig Kit (with a piece of fossilised dinosaur poo)
Shark Tooth Mini Dig Kit (with a shark tooth fossil)
Build Your Own Volcano Kit
Glow In The Dark Science Kit
Sensory Science Kit
Earth Science Kit
Crystal Garden
There are plenty more items to explore too along similar themes.


We are lucky enough to have received lots of great items this year and we are giving a bundle away to one lucky reader. Enter via the Rafflecopter Widget before midnight on Sunday 15th August 2021. UK entry only.

Giveaway prize of build your own volcano and 3 dig kits
Win this bundle of National Geographic STEM kits

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***Disclosure: we have been gifted various kits as part of our ambassador role***

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