Best Coffee Pods 2021 - Tips to Choose the Most Delicious to Your Taste

(Collaborative post by another author) More people are using home pod machines to prepare their coffee these days. Why wouldn’t you? It’s a quick and convenient method, and you can even get a reusable pod or recyclable models to stay conscious of the environment.

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If you’ve just bought your coffee pod machine for the first time then there is a lot to get used to, and it isn’t just about choosing something that is compatible with your machine, it’s also about getting something that tastes good. There are so many pods on the market, and in this guide, we’ll explore how you can get a variety that is to your tastes.

Buy pods designed for your machine

It sounds obvious, I know. This is not just about avoiding a mess or preventing coffee from spewing everywhere, it’s about getting coffee pods that will extract correctly. This means it will fit perfectly, and brew for the right length of time. You should ensure that the pods fit your machine perfectly and are designed for the machine you are using.

Many pod machines offer semi-automatic brewing, so you just need to find the coffee pods that fit and pair with your machine.

Consider the strength

We all have our own definition of what a delicious coffee actually is, and most pods have some sort of indicator to show how strong the coffee tastes. This is based on a lot of things including the roast profile of the coffee that makes the coffee pods.

A lot of systems are really simple, and they just mark the coffee from 1-5 so that you can understand whether it is on the lighter side, or you should expect a really strong and hefty coffee that will be full of flavour. Remember, there’s no shame in either, it’s all about personal preference. If it’s your first-ever purchase of coffee pods, you might want to start with something in the middle rating in terms of strength, and you can either go stronger or weaker after this based on whether you can handle it.


Some people think that single-origin is just one of those jargon terms you hear coffee lovers use, but it is not at all. Single-origin coffee doesn’t necessarily taste better, but it does guarantee that the coffee has all come from one place, and potentially even all from the same farm.

If you chuck a lot of different types of coffee beans together, you’ll get a blend of flavours, but with single-origin, you will actually get the character of the flavours shining through. That’s why a lot of coffee aficionados rate certain single-origin coffees so highly. Just look how much money certain people are willing to pay for coffee.

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Check reviews and tasting notes

You can always use online review systems to your advantage. While you know that coffee comes down to personal opinion, if you find a variety that has 100 one-star reviews and no five-star reviews then the chances are, it’s not a nice coffee. This goes for coffee pods, too. It’s also worth checking the reviews as they might give you some hints on what the coffee actually tastes like. 

On top of this, many coffee companies provide tasting notes. This means that you can explore what the coffee is likely to taste like before you try it, some coffee may have nutty flavours, others will be fruity, some even have a sweet aftertaste. Tasting notes may help you to recognise if there are flavours that you are likely to enjoy.

Experiment with multipacks

Coffee pod makers know that people like to experiment and see what type of coffee is for them. This means that you can buy a pack with lots of different types of pods and see the varieties you enjoy. These also make great gifts, so if you don’t know what you want for your next birthday you could ask for some coffee!

Bonus tip: Get your machine set up right

This tip is about getting the best flavour out of your coffee machine or pod-based coffee maker. You can have the best coffee pods in the world, but if you don’t have a machine that can make the most of it, it is unlikely that it’ll taste good. 

A lot of people burn their coffee, use too much water (or not enough) and if a coffee machine isn’t kept clean it can lead to all sorts of issues. 

Always follow the manufacturer instructions, and if the machine needs descaling from time to time, make sure you remember to do so, as this will help to avoid the water quality dropping or even getting blockages.


We’re a nation of coffee lovers, and though we’d love to spend a long time preparing every drink, sometimes convenience comes first. Fortunately, with a bit of consideration, you can get some delicious coffee pods and make sure there’s always a tasty coffee just a minute away.

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