5 Great Destinations for Educational Tours in Europe

(Collaborative Guest Post). Educational tourism is a special form of tourism that combines seeking new knowledge with leisure. Visiting tourists either individually or accompanied by teachers, relatives or friends choose tourist destinations based on the educational programmes provided there. The holidays combine educational, cultural and voluntary activities. There are opportunities for travellers at all levels of study and for a wide variety of interests. 

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Organised educational tours can take place in conjunction with recognised educational bodies leading to certification or qualifications or they can simply be to widen the knowledge and interests of the visitor. But what are the best educational tours in Europe?

Educational tour in Athens

Athens is filled with history, archaeology and culture. There is so much to see and learn and a visit on an educational tour can ensure that all the ancient buildings don't blur into each other with a guide who can share the history. The Acropolis is home to the most famous landmarks in Athens. The collection of monuments on this World Heritage Site on a rocky outcrop date from the 5th century BC.  The famous Parthenon dominates the Acropolis with it's white marble columns. It was originally a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena and housed a large statue of her. Other famous buildings of the Acropolis include the Erechtheion, the Propylaea (the monumental entrance to the Acropolis area) and the small temple Athena Nike. It is believed to be the site where Democracy, Philosophy and Freedom of Speech were born.

Educational tour in Rome

Rome is the seventh largest city in Europe (based on population in 2021) with a history that goes back about 3000 years. It is a beautiful city which much to do, combining modern bustling city life with ancient ruins. The most characteristic attraction of the city is the Colosseum, an oval amphitheatre. It has existed on this site for 2000 years and is the symbol of the Roman Empire. It is through it gained it's name from the Colossal statue of Nero that once stood just outside the entrance. The Colosseum once had a capacity of more than 50000 seats and it's 80 gates helped to fill and empty the space quickly. 

Other significant Ancient Roman sites in Rome are the Arch of Constantine, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill.  The first is a real masterpiece and is located a little further from the Colosseum. The Roman Forum is located next to the Palatine Hill, the centre most of the 7 hills of Rome. While full of rich Roman remains evidence of habitation has been found dating as far back as the 9th century BC. 

Educational tour in Northern England

English is one of the most widely spoken language in the world, so an educational tour cannot be missing from your bucket list. This educational tour is combined with a walking holiday, so you will be doing sightseeing combined with being active! Sounds good right? Walking from the west coast to the east coast, you will be walking Hadrian's Wall path, which is a great trekking adventure. Hadrian's Wall is Britain's biggest Roman archaeological feature and an UNESCO World Heritage Site, which opened in 2003. Hadrian's Wall, also known as the Roman Wall, is a former defensive fortress in the Roman province of Britannia. The construction of this wall began during the reign of Emperor Hadrian in the year 122. 

Educational tour in Madrid

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and an educational tour in Madrid is an ideal way to learn it. Madrid is a city that remains alive at all hours with a great variety of architectural styles with the buildings of the Hapsburg era being "intertwined" with the baroque of the Bourbon era and the neoclassical lines of the 18th century. Located in the the historical Castile region of Spain and chosen as the capital after the 16th century centralising policy of  Philip II it is filled with museums and interesting sights. If you are interested in art is also well worth a visit to the Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia  which highlights 20th-century art with works by Miro, Dali, and Picasso include the much discussed Picasso's Guernica.

Educational tour in Edinburgh

You don't need to head abroad to discover history though, a trip to Edinburgh will reveal many Scottish secrets you weren't aware of. Edinburgh Castle dates back to the 12th century and was the residence of many Scottish royal families. It is well worth a tour to see including the National War Museum and the Honors of Scotland.  Its imposing lighting at night and half-hidden from the fog gives the city a fairytale atmosphere. Also, visit the Grassmarket and New Town areas, where the National Portrait Gallery is located.

Europe is full of surprises, all waiting to be discovered. They can be great fun to explore on your ownm but if you would rather spend more time learning onsite and less researching an organised educational tour might be best for you. Many companies are involved in creating comprehensive educational tours, but few reach the quality of Travel Way, which produces quality educational exploration programs in some of the most interesting parts of Europe.

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