Five Home Improvement Ideas You Should Try Today

Now is a great time to start a home improvement project. You may be surprised what you can afford if you look at doing some of the work yourself and shop around for the best deals. Having spent so much time at home during lockdown you probably have a good idea of how you could use your space better so why not make it happen? It's better to get started than to just keep dreaming. 

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Here are five home improvement ideas that you should consider today.

Create a Home Office

A spare bedroom or a converted basement can serve as a great home office for you and your family to use. You may decide that working from home would suit you better than commuting to work each day and it makes a great dedicated space for homework or if there is any more dreaded homeschooling.  So set up the room accordingly with everything needed, but if you use a spare bedroom as your office, make sure to leave a bed or fold out bed ready for guests and family members to stay overnight.

Make a Garden Office Extension

If you don't have the time, space, or money for a full on extension, but would like some additional workspace outside your standard living area, there is an easy solution: a garden office.

You can build a wooden structure like a large shed built very quickly either as an extension or further down your garden. You might want to get help to get a flat solid base from concrete, but many of the frames for the garden office spaces can be assembled with help from a friend or partner. 

By painting the wood or vanishing it to match your home's colour scheming and adding a few plants or landscaping you can give your garden a makeover at the same time. 

Make sure you clear your gutters and consider their location before adding the extension to prevent problems. You can do this easily by calling in some help like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Raleigh. It can be frustrating to discover you can't access them easily because of the location of your extension.

More Food Storage Space in the Kitchen

The food shortages in the supermarket recently have shown the value of having plenty of space for food storage of long life products so you can be confident you are not going to run out if a sudden self isolation call comes in.  There are some easy home improvement projects that will help you create more space in the kitchen when sprucing up your kitchen during lockdown.

Ensure you make best use of space by installing shelving or wire baskets on top of wall units that are easy to get down and use as food storage. If you are short on ideas you can always ask a specialist to assess your home and provide the best ideas for creating more food storage space in your kitchen.

Create A DIY Home Gym

A home gym is one of the most underrated yet creative ways to save money and stay fit during the lockdown. If you are want to stop paying for an expensive membership, creating your own at-home workout space can be done by anyone with some time on their hands. All you need is equipment - weights, bands, and a bench - which can be purchased or creatively made.

Make an Extension Bathroom

If you're looking to spruce up your home and create a more modern look, then this could be the right project for you. Although building an extension bathroom is not as difficult or expensive as it may seem, there are some things to consider before jumping in.

First, how much space do you have? You can partition a room or even use the space under the stairs to fit in a micro bathroom Second, how much are you willing to spend? If your budget is low you will want to choose more budget fixtures and just the plumber for installation of the pipes and toilet only. Third, what's your preference for the style of the bathroom? Pinterest and Instagram is great for inspiration. 


Some home improvements are expensive while others require time and hard work, but you don't have to spend a fortune or do all the work yourself to make a real difference to your house. Think creatively, shop around and consider what you can do yourself. Which one are you going to try? 

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