The Best Handmade Eco-Friendly Gifts For Mums

(Collaborative guest post) With chilling news reports about the danger of our planet we need to start changing our ways. Daily activities which harm the planet such as purchasing single use plastics and non-recyclable items need to change to stop the increasing burden on the environment. When looking to buy presents we should reconsider disposable ornaments, non-recyclable coated wrapping paper, greeting cards, plastic packaging and gifts with a very short lifespan.

A pretty orange flower in the garden

After the challenging times we are experiencing, we have now realised that our peace of mind and our physical health depend directly on our contact with nature. We need to protect the planet better so it's time to think more ecologically before choosing a gift for our mother. After all, there are now so many eco-friendly options in fashion, beauty and home decor that there is little excuse to not look for a more "green" gift which is friendly to our planet. So how can we make a difference while at the same time managing to please our mother with our gift? Let's look at some of the best options: 

Spring bulbs

Does your mother love to take care of and enjoy a beautiful garden?  There are lots of varieties of flower bulbs you could give as a gift to your mother to fill her garden with flowers of all kinds and colours! Buy the bulbs from a local gardening centre, place them in a beautifully decorated basket or new planter and offer it to your mother. As long as the bulbs have been responsibly sourced this is a gift that will be loved by your mother as well as bees and other wildlife.

Reusable Shopping bags

A practical gift for your mother is reusable shopping bags. There is a large range of special and stylish bags available which your mother can use while shopping to remind her or you. They will also reduce consumption of disposable bags, protecting the environment. It is such a simple gesture but at the same time a practical act of love.

Reusable cleaning cloths

Even if you have left home I can guarantee your mother spends a large amount of time cleaning so another practical gift idea is reusable cleaning cloths. These eco-friendly cleaning fabrics will definitely get use whether it's a duster made from reclaimed fabric, a coconut hair scrubbing brush or reusable kitchen towel. 

All-natural bath bombs

If you would rather buy your mum something to treat her then a natural bath bomb might tick your box. Salt scrubs and bath bombs are available in many varieties to choose from. Choose handmade natural products, which are high quality and environmentally friendly. These should be gentle on the skin and perfect to use after a tiring and stressful day at work. Even better if you can buy them from a local company.

Handmade jewellery

Jewellery is in everyone's mind as a pretty good choice when it comes to choosing gifts. Especially when we talk about handmade jewellery which has a special added value. Jewellery you could buy for your mother ranges from bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings - the list goes on and on. Whatever your choice, you could turn to the market for handmade jewellery made from recyclable materials, such as Minimis jewellery, which are of high quality and are often more attractive than the more conventional jewellery you can find at the market. Whatever the choice in this jewellery, your mother will be happy and satisfied with your move.


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